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Working on computer
A summer of Instrumental industry research

Aaron Dharna describes his summer internship doing machine learning research at Instrumental

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Automatic Settings Aug 2018
With automated settings, you can get all the benefits of Instrumental without adding an operator

A new setting on our stations minimizes the work required to ensure quality.

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Bottle Equipment Factory 280014
The hidden costs of traditional vision systems

Instrumental minimizes costs associated with vision systems by eliminating the need for expensive consultants to help set up.

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Instrumental's most important product is our interview process

What we look for in candidates, what the interview process is like, and what we are currently working on.

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Laptop Far Monitor
Monitor: Automatic intelligent inspection for hardware development and production

Show Monitor the defects you are looking for, and it will find new units like those and automatically highlight them for your review.

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Juan Standup
Intern-al Affairs: Developing Instrumental Reports Beta

Juan Philippe, an Instrumental software engineering intern, takes us behind the scenes to discuss the design and development of Reports Beta.

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Multiselect Screenshot
Intern-al Affairs: A summer at Instrumental

Geoffrey Angus, a software engineering intern at Instrumental this summer, shares his experiences building an exciting new feature for customers.

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Instrumental 0024
Origin Story: Samuel Weiss, CTO of Instrumental

From MIT and Stanford to Apple and Instrumental, CTO Samuel Weiss is shifting the world of manufacturing in a positive direction.

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