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Production Downtime

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Manufacturing Heroics
Heroism in Electronics Manufacturing Adds Risk without Reward

Covid-19 prevents engineers in electronics manufacturing from factory travel and other heroics – forcing the adoption of new solutions to stay on schedule.

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The COVID-19 problems that will force manufacturing to innovate

Manufacturing must solve COVID-19 challenges like disrupted supply chains and loss of oversight – here's the priority list.

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Why hardware products get delayed: EVT, DVT, PVT Decoded, Part 2

A deep-dive into the modern hardware development approach and where it goes wrong

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Fortune 500 company uses Instrumental to ship in time for Christmas

Missing a new product’s launch date is every hardware company’s nightmare—from the executives to the engineers monitoring the assembly line. No matter how experienced the team you’ve assembled, there are bound to be issues that arise—and having the best failure analysis tools can be the difference between salvaging a tough situation and missing Christmas.

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Find out what one day is worth with the Cost of Delay Calculator

“Have you ever seen a new product get delayed?” Sometimes I get laughs, sometimes solemnity; overwhelmingly the answer is “all the time”.

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Be thankful for your issues list 01
Be thankful for your issues list

Earlier this week, I ran into an investor seeking words of encouragement on behalf of a talented team working through multiple layers of issues on an already delayed product. “Is there some story you could tell me, that could help them not get discouraged?” he asked.

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Hardware engineers get more dates: Why hardware schedules look nothing like software schedules

I have an Apple hardware background, but I lead a software team at Instrumental. In this role I’ve learned two things: (a) software engineers don’t understand how long it takes to build hardware, and (b) hardware engineers don’t understand how long it takes to build software.

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Glass Time Watch Business
Causes of build delays and how to prevent them

Since we started Instrumental, I’ve had nearly 100 conversations with product design engineers and hardware company executives about what they find painful about development and early production. Development schedule delays are a recurring theme for good reasons: they cause lost revenue, higher costs, and intense stress for everyone from junior Product Design Engineers to the executive team.

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