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Cost of Delay Calculator

A single day of slip in product development schedule could cost millions in lost sales. Our Cost of Delay Calculator tells you just how much.

Despite everyone’s best efforts, new product schedule and launch delays happen all of the time. These delays are expensive, but most hardware engineers only see part of the true costs. This calculator includes both the readily visible costs, like employee expenses or tool modifications, and also the sales opportunity loss-which is by far the biggest piece of the pie. To see a few examples of delay costs, check out this article, or input your own variables below.

Daily expense: $45,977
Daily sales opportunity lost: $16,447
Daily cost of a delay: $62,424 Add more variables

Click to simulate a build and discover the cost of an unexpected event.

Perfect ramp!
Cost of parts/tools: $0
Days of delay: 0
Total cost of this delay: $0