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From development through mass production, Instrumental is supporting companies throughout the world across a variety of products to unify product data into one secure cloud-based platform, with integration so easy you can get started within a week.

Collaborate with manufacturing partners across your supply chain

Instrumental has deep experience working with your manufacturing partners and upstream suppliers to improve quality, ship products sooner, and reduce overall costs throughout the supply chain.

Unify your product data

Automatically aggregate your source data, images, and videos from any source to discover anomalies and conduct failure analysis. Leverage our self-service APIs or reach out to our experts to help where needed.

If you currently do not have any image data available but are now interested in adding to your assembly line, Instrumental offers the Instrumental Station that provides an integrated camera and tuned lighting. The station gets image streams up and running for products of all sizes across the globe and can be set up in as little as 30 minutes.

Unify your product data

For engineers, by engineers

Our implementation and success teams have decades of product engineering and operations experience. Instrumental offers flexible implementation options including self-service support and managed services to get you up and running quickly. We invest in your program success every step of the way and can deliver insights for your factory floor in less than one week.

For engineers, by engineers

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We partner with top manufacturing companies to deliver the information you need, when and where you need it, so you can find and fix problems fast

Part of the SAP Industry Cloud ecosystem. Integrate across your existing factory management software, MES, or enterprise solution.

Ask about our native integration with Hexagon metrology, imaging, and CT Scan equipment. Exclusive partner packages available.

Native integration with Creative Electron X-ray machines for fast, easy, and flexible deployment to your line. Ask about a sample X-ray evaluation.

Native integration with FLIR imaging systems, from color cameras to IR and Thermal imaging.

Easy integration of imaging data through Instrumental's API.

Quote opening

By using Instrumental, it was like being at the factories. The transparency Instrumental provided resulted in more prompt attention and a higher level of care for our line, putting us on the same level of priority as other customers with higher volume.”

Bill Maginn

Operations Engineering and NPI leader at Axon

Case Study: PUFFCO

Instrumental helped Puffco streamline defect detection and failure analysis during the NPI build of a first-generation product.

During an NPI build, Puffco found that a complex product design and pandemic-induced travel barriers limited their ability to gather data on underperforming units. But by working with Instrumental, Puffco gained immediate insight into the underlying issue, discovered root cause in record time, and implemented process changes to improve product performance.

Travel barriers weren’t the only challenges facing Chris Fisher, senior test and quality manager at Puffco, during their NPI build. The product had a complex design process that was difficult to translate remotely to their overseas manufacturing partner, and they soon discovered there was significant variation in the product performance.

The team spent over three months trying to discover the issue on their own — even inserting a tiny microscope into the assembled unit to get visual confirmation of the root cause — with no luck.

*Dramatization of customer product

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