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Increase Margins

Increase margins by replacing manual workers with an automatic visual inspection, reducing rework on your assembly line and preventing escapes.

automate inspection

Replace manual inspectors with automated AI-powered visual inspection. Our AI is more accurate and faster than a manual operator, saving you money and time.

reduce rework

Minimize the need for teardowns and rework downstream by detecting new defects using AI and pass/fail tests in the upstream process.

prevent escapes and field failures

Identify previously unknown defects in your production process by training our AI with just five images of your product. Turn those into live pass/fail tests on your assembly line and prevent escapes.

One Month to Breakeven

  • 4.6% Operator escapes prevented
  • 75% Operator headcount reduction
  • 65% Reduction in inspection time
  • $780k Revenue loss prevention
  • $156k Operational savings
Communications Device
Industry Leader

$1/unit savings and
reduced rework

  • $1/unit savings
  • 60% reduction in average cost of rework
  • Intercepted 4% of units for repairable defects

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Discover AI

Discover automatically detects defects using continuous learning AI. It flags anomalies and improves results with user feedback.
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Solve AI​

Solve includes features that aid in faster failure analysis, such as correlation suggestions for root causes, virtual tear-down, and visual searches.
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Operate AI

Experience the full range of capabilities to monitor your operations. Get real-time manufacturing metrics across SKUs, stations, lines, and sites ...
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