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We’ve worked with brands across electronics categories to push the boundaries of hardware manufacturing quality and speed. Whether you’re a titan of electronics, or on your way to becoming one, Instrumental can propel your programs forward.

Consumer Electronics

Accelerate Product Maturity

Instrumental’s customers get products to market first, without sacrificing quality. Shave months off of dev by finding root causes faster and remotely and easily finding correlations between multiple data sets. Cut rework in half, collaborate better, and report to every level of your organization.



Industrial Electronics

Discover defects and increase process control

Instrumental’s end-to-end platform can work with any industrial product, regardless of size or type. With only 30 units needed for training, our AI can discover anomalies in any visual surface and deliver real-time insights to manufacturing teams wherever they are.


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Automotive and Aerospace

Drive efficiencies and eliminate delays

Improve production yield by reducing manual inspection with AI. Give your engineers more data automatically so they can spend more time driving efficiency and spend less on failure analysis. Eliminate delays caused by production defects and ship more builds on time.


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Medical Devices

When Field Failures are Life and Death

Get complete product data for every unit built and trace by their unique identifier, lot, and build. With Instrumental, you can identify even 0.01% defects, improve device performance, eliminate escapes, and get real time issue monitoring, alerts, and analytics.


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Contract Manufacturers

Prevent Escapes and Rework

Make every unit a golden unit with Instrumental’s end-to-end manufacturing optimization platform. We help CMs prevent escapes and rework by closing the loop on data in real-time. Improve communication, collaboration, and confidence with every program.


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Product Development Firms

Drive More Value, Longer

Bring better oversight, reliability, and design improvements to your clients with AI-driven issue discovery, solutions, and monitoring. Instrumental’s AI automates the manual work of identifying new production issues and supports faster failure analysis, so you stay ahead of unexpected delays and keep your client’s projects on track.


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