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Hit Yield Targets Faster

Instrumental improves yields and throughput targets, prevents escapes, and lowers manufacturing costs. Integrated across your entire supply chain, Instrumental delivers AI powered defect monitoring, correlations analysis, and interception.

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Manufacturing Engineer

Pain Points

  • Small issues becoming big issues
  • No real-time visibility on production lines
  • Missing yield targets and high product returns
  • Line down due to quality or process issues
  • Many suppliers, limited visibility

With Instrumental

  • Get in control and stay in control
  • Unified remote monitoring and SPC alerts
  • Maximize quality and minimize escapes
  • Find correlations in minutes
  • Save time and reduce waste

Get in control and stay in control

Arrow Down Problem

Small issues you don’t know about becoming big issues.


Gain critical visibility and control of your lines.

Unified remote monitoring and SPC alerts

Arrow Down Problem

Need for real-time data to get critical visibility and monitoring on what is happening on your lines now.


Proactive alerts immediately notify of drift and other SPC violations that align to industry best practices.

Maximize quality and minimize escapes

Arrow Down Problem

Increasing product complexity often means not all issues are resolved in development and may exacerbate as you scale.


Instrumental enables real-time interception, dashboards including paretos and live trends, and custom alerts to maintain process controls at scale.

Save time and reduce waste

Arrow Down Problem

You need to achieve yield targets, stay on budget, and keep product quality high.


Instrumental empowers your team to solve problems quickly with less waste directly impacting your bottom line.

Know immediately when something goes wrong and solve it in minutes

Arrow Down Problem

You need real-time visibility across all issues and data on the assembly line.


When a problem arises on your assembly line, Instrumental delivers the information you need, when and where you need it, so you can find and fix problems fast.

Quote opening

Within a few weeks, we discovered the root cause of an issue — and we figured it out right from our own desks. This was a game-changer that will help us deliver the best possible product to our customers.”

Mike Schuetz

Manufacturing Engineering Manager, Owlet
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Case Study: Lenovo

Innovation Leader Lenovo Prevents Nearly Half of Production Rework and Gains Approximately $1 Per-Unit Savings through Process Innovation Driven by Instrumental

Lenovo is a leading global designer and manufacturer of laptops, tablets, smart devices, servers, and with their acquisition of Motorola Mobility in 2014, phones. Their persistent commitment to innovation and cutting-edge manufacturing processes culminated in the launch of the Motorola Razr, with its folding screen, ambitious zero-gap hinge, display robustness requirements, and miniaturized design. To bring such an ambitious product to market, Lenovo successfully executed on a variety of production process advancements to their already industry-leading manufacturing practice.

When the Motorola Mobility development team handed off Razr to Lenovo’s manufacturing team for production, Lenovo partnered closely with Instrumental. Instrumental’s holistic data capturing, intelligent AI processing, and real-time reporting powered the advanced practice of continuous optimization at Lenovo, pushing Lenovo even farther ahead of the competition.

Even amidst the industry-wide business continuity challenges caused by COVID-19, Lenovo has been able to achieve yield improvements, scrap reduction, and team productivity gains throughout ramp and production.

Download the full case study to learn more about Lenovo’s journey with Instrumental and the results they achieved.

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