For Mission Critical Electronics

Deliver the highest quality product with zero defects

Unlock unparalleled quality and productivity in your manufacturing operations by embracing AI-powered inspection technology. It surpasses human capabilities by providing higher accuracy and efficiency, ensuring no defects escape. Oversee factory performance and amplify your engineering efficiency, enabling you to optimize your process for higher quality, yields, and margins.

Finding and detecting issues for teams at leading companies globally

Improve your yields with real-time factory oversight and SPC alerts

Get actionable, real-time insight into your factory performance through the Manufacturing Operations Dashboard. Quickly dive into the stations and tests causing you to miss your yield goals by exploring trends and shifts. Set up alerts for Statistical Process Control (SPC) violations to proactively identify drifts and shifts before they impact yield and your bottom line.

Reduce inspection cost and time

Reduce costs by replacing manual inspectors with automated AI-powered visual inspection. Our AI is more accurate and faster than a manual operator, saving you money and time.

Discover and intercept defects before they escape your factory

Identify previously unknown defects in your development or production process by training our AI with just 30 images of your product. Then ensure no defects escape your production line by setting up live pass/fail tests on your assembly line to intercept them.

Quickly solve issues with AI-powered failure analysis tools

Solve problems faster by comparing anomalous and similar units, automatically extracting measurements from images, and reviewing potential root causes from the world’s only AI-powered visual and data correlations.
Manufacturing AI and Data Platform 
Instrumental delivers a real-time unified, traceable manufacturing data record, providing valuable insightsacross the product lifecycle.
Leverage AI for preventative and corrective action, production management, and digital transformation.
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Seamless Integration With Your Line
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4x Return on Investment

Operations Engineering and NPI leader, Axon

Using Instrumental’s AI-powered manufacturing optimization platform, Axon accelerates issue detection and resolution, upgrades quality processes, and gains engineering efficiency from EVT to MP.


Instrumental’s approach centers on data analysis rather than data origin. Our solutions have been successfully applied to various products, including blade servers, enterprise cameras, EV chargers, solar inverters, and infrared cameras. We collaborate closely with clients to configure the imaging station to align with your specific product requirements, or we can use an existing image source like an X-Ray machine, AOI machine, etc. 
Instrumental is sought after in five key scenarios by its customers:  To enhance yield on an existing production line  To establish new factories or lines without compromising quality or speed  To stabilize production that has gone out of control  To expedite New Product Introduction (NPI) programs across remote factory locations  To supervise distant Joint Design Manufacturer (JDM) or Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) partners  The company’s value persists throughout the entire product lifecycle, even after initial objectives have been accomplished, making it a reliable and long-term business partner.
Yes, The Instrumental solution has proven its efficacy in low volumes of mission-critical electronics like solar inverters, first responder radios, and blade servers. This is possible by using a sophisticated generalized low-shot algorithm, facilitating seamless implementation with as few as 30 units. With the added benefits of full traceability and high mix features, our customers can efficiently manage multiple SKUs across different sites, streamlining their operations and improving efficiency.
Instrumental offers a comprehensive digital thread solution that seamlessly integrates images, videos, and test data throughout your supply chain. By effortlessly plugging data from various sources such as Instrumental imaging stations, AOI, X-ray, microscope, and machine test data, our system accommodates diverse requirements. Whether starting with images or test data, our unique capability allows customers to gradually expand their data types, resulting in a reduced number of systems needed by engineering teams over time. 

Instrumental seamlessly combines data from your current systems, including AOI, X-ray, microscope, and test machines. The hardest part is creating the data you have already accomplished by investing in machines that generate product data. Our role is to maximize that investment by integrating data from diverse sources, culminating in a comprehensive digital thread. 

Savings Insights into your Manufacturing Operations

Meet with an expert to conduct a savings opportunity analysis and determine how to quantify current loss channels, how our platform will make an impact, and calculate ROI in development and production.

We start by determining if there’s an overlap between your organizational goals and what our product delivers. Then, we work to refine a customized model quantifying the impact on your bottom line and finally deliver an expected return on investment should you use Instrumental to solve that pain.
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Molly McShane

Solutions Architect