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Engineering teams rely on Instrumental to ship their products sooner, with fewer quality issues. Instrumental delivers AI-powered proactive defect discovery, end-to-end failure analysis tools, and remote real-time build monitoring, all in a single simple cloud platform.

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Product Design Engineer

Pain Points

  • Discovering issues too late
  • Failure analysis too slow and manual
  • Quality concerns impeding ramp

With Instrumental

  • Hit build schedule commits
  • Automate defect discovery
  • Identify and rank potential root causes with AI
  • Access all product data anywhere, anytime

Hit build schedule commitments

Arrow Down Problem

Your current build has too many open issues and quality concerns to ramp to production.


Instrumental delivers issue discovery, failure analysis, and quality monitoring in a single platform to empower your engineering team to deliver a world-class product on time.

Instrumental Correlations automatically identifies and ranks potential root causes for product failures

Arrow Down Problem

You need to focus on engineering, but data collection, status updates, and communication take up most of your day.


Complete build reporting and analytics at your fingertips within the Instrumental platform, so you spend less time updating and more time engineering.

Automate defect discovery

Arrow Down Problem

It’s too hard to find issues that are impacting your line. Communication with suppliers and CMs on what’s important isn’t always easy.


Instrumental automatically finds and ranks every defect, speeds up failure analysis, and keeps your builds on track.

A central source of truth for all product data from anywhere, at anytime

Arrow Down Problem

Finding root cause can take weeks when the data you need is hard to access or missing altogether.


Instrumental holds all of the information you need to support lightning-fast failure analysis and make collaboration across remote teams a snap.

Accelerate failure analysis with AI-powered measurements

Arrow Down Problem

Taking measurements via operators take too long and is not repeatable.


With less than 50 samples, collect measurements automatically on every unit on your line including retroactively from already built units.

Quote opening

Instrumental helped us quickly identify major impacts to our units and gave us data to back up what to do next.”

Chris Fisher

Senior Test and Quality Manager, Puffco
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Case Study: Puffco

Instrumental helped Puffco streamline defect detection and failure analysis during the NPI build of a first-generation product.

During an NPI build, Puffco found that a complex product design and pandemic-induced travel barriers limited their ability to gather data on underperforming units. But by working with Instrumental, Puffco gained immediate insight into the underlying issue, discovered root cause in record time, and implemented process changes to improve product performance.

The Challenge
Travel barriers weren’t the only challenges facing Chris Fisher, senior test and quality manager at Puffco, during their NPI build. The product had a complex design process that was difficult to translate remotely to their overseas manufacturing partner, and they soon discovered there was significant variation in the product performance.

The team spent over three months trying to discover the issue on their own — even inserting a tiny microscope into the assembled unit to get visual confirmation of the root cause — with no luck.

The Results
Puffco leveraged Instrumental’s Discover AI solution and Creative Electron imaging to not only solve their existing NPI challenge, but also set them up for long-term success with future builds. Instrumental allowed the Puffco team to:

  • Identify the defect in one day
  • Cut four weeks off the project schedule
  • Change processes to continue building a high-quality first-generation product

Download the full case study to learn more about Puffco’s journey with Instrumental and the results they achieved.

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