Keep your client’s projects on track with Instrumental

Bring better oversight, reliability, and design improvements to your clients with AI-driven issue discovery, solutions, and monitoring.

Leverage Instrumental’s manufacturing optimization platform to help your clients:

  • Use AI to proactively find new and known defects on their lines from proto to production
  • Complete failure analysis quickly and remotely within our platform
  • Gain real-time monitoring and analytics for every issue on their lines, from anywhere
  • Achieve continuous yield improvement by characterizing every risk and prioritizing
  • Have real-time visibility into the top issues and line status for one or multiple factories, from anywhere
  • Stop quality escapes earlier on the line, long before they reach their customers



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Used by Leaders in Quality

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From idea to MP in 11 months, could not have done this without Instrumental!

David Kalinowski

Head of Hardware

Opal Camera

By using Instrumental, it was like being at the factories. The transparency Instrumental provided resulted in more prompt attention and a higher level of care for our line, putting us on the same level of priority as other customers with higher volume.

Bill Maginn

Operations Engineering | Manufacturing | NPI Leader Manager,


Without Instrumental, fixing the issue and delivering customer satisfaction would have been slower, harder, and more expensive.

Burc Sahinoglu

Chief Technology Officer


[Instrumental] transformed us to the next level of product. These are new capabilities we don’t have.

VP of Manufacturing Technologies

$15B Mission-Critical Electronics Leader

Nobody provides the contextualization and user experience that Instrumental has developed. This is the holy grail of data correlation.


Director of Operations


Open access to data and quick identification of the failure mode allowed us to cut nearly four weeks off our project schedule.

Chris Fisher

Senior Test and Quality Manager,


Within a few weeks, we discovered the root cause of an issue — and we figured it out right from our own desks. This was a game-changer that will help us deliver the best possible product to our customers.

Mike Schuetz

Manufacturing Engineering Manager,


We rely heavily on Instrumental to make sure that what happens is what is meant to happen.

Principle Applications Scientist


Instrumental reduces the number of experimental builds needed to validate our products during development.

Dave Konczal

Director of NPI


Programs that used Instrumental during development ramped faster than products that did not use it.

Lyon Wang

Director of Engineering & NPI,