Keep your client’s projects on track with Instrumental

Bring better oversight, reliability, and design improvements to your clients with AI-driven issue discovery, solutions, and monitoring.

Leverage Instrumental’s manufacturing optimization platform to help your clients:

  • Use AI to proactively find new and known defects on their lines from proto to production
  • Complete failure analysis quickly and remotely within our platform
  • Gain real-time monitoring and analytics for every issue on their lines, from anywhere
  • Achieve continuous yield improvement by characterizing every risk and prioritizing
  • Have real-time visibility into the top issues and line status for one or multiple factories, from anywhere
  • Stop quality escapes earlier on the line, long before they reach their customers



Used by Leaders in Quality

  • Programs that used Instrumental during development ramped faster than products that did not use it.

    Photo of product-design-firm-demo

    Director of Engineering and NPI

  • Using Instrumental was like adding six engineers to my team.

    Photo of product-design-firm-demo

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Instrumental reduces the number of experimental builds needed to validate our products during development – leading to a more streamlined development process.

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    Operations Leader

  • We typically speed through NPI knowing we'll have defects to fix in MP. With Instrumental we were able to detect and fix problems a lot faster in NPI, resulting in a much smoother MP.

    Francois Vailland, Industrialization Team Leader