Team Spotlights: Blog Series

Our people are our most valuable product at Instrumental. We believe in hiring the best teammates who are ready to work with joy, be helpful, and play to win! Get to know some of our awesome teammates through this blog series.

Megan McEvoy

Customer Success Manager

Today we'll meet Megan, one of our Customer Success Manager. Learn more about what she valued in the interview process, how she made friends around the world, and how she advocated for customers!

What does your typical day look like at Instrumental?

I usually kickoff my day by looking through the Slack channels to see what updates have taken place that I need to be aware of. This may mean looking for certain account updates or seeing what happened with our employees in China overnight while I was sleeping. 

After that, I do a review of my calendar and to-do list to see where I need to focus my energy for the day. How I spend my time really depends on what is going on. If I have several meetings on the calendar that day the meetings can vary from check-ins with customers, kickoff meetings or workshop training with new customers, or spending time working with teammates at internal meetings. Between meetings I am scheduling time to complete customer requests that come in to set things up in the Instrumental app or answer questions. I also find time to work on strategic initiatives to build up the foundational materials of our Customer Success team, such as developing project tracking materials or diving into metrics to find and make sense of key customer insights.

Why did you choose Instrumental?

When I began my last job search, I was looking for a company that really fosters growth of a product and its employees while maintaining a positive company culture. Throughout the interview process I was impressed by both the intellect and the emotional intelligence, which motivated me to keep finding out more. After the entire interview process was done I was excited and impressed by the team and the product itself. It was clear that people really cared for one another and wanted to see both the company and their colleagues grow at work. Instrumentalists spoke highly of their colleagues and how helpful everyone is, which remained true after I joined the team.

Tell us one thing that people may not know about you.

I lived in Glasgow, Scotland for six months during my time in university. On the weekends I was able to travel from Scotland to various European cities and visit a lot of my friends who were also on student exchanges in different countries. It was a really unique time in my life to be able to see so much of Europe and meet a lot of people from different places. I am super grateful for the amount of travel I got to do while still working towards my degree!

Since joining Instrumental, what has been your favorite memory working here?

I really love the full company on-site weeks that happen once a quarter. My favorite memories are from just the daily lunches during those weeks and getting to sit and chat with my coworkers more, seeing everyone in the office. We also did a Go-To-Market (GTM) scavenger hunt around Palo Alto one of those weeks and it was really fun. Anything that brings people together and makes us feel like a genuine community, I really enjoy!

What is your favorite Instrumental Slack channel and why?

#we-love-to-read ! Once a month Instrumentalists will choose a book to read and then meet at the end of the month to discuss it. I love to read and it’s so fun to bond with colleagues over our opinions of different books. I am also really excited for the #we-love-to-ski-snowboard channel to pick up this winter since I am an avid skier!

What do you like most about your job?

My job allows me to consider the various perspectives of customers using our product and think about how I can really advocate for their voices, which I really enjoy. I also enjoy being a part of a scaling team that really believes in what we’re building. Part of what I like most is just being surrounded by colleagues who are motivated and excited about what we’re doing here at Instrumental.

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