Instrumental for
Aerospace and Defense

Manufacturing AI and Data Platform

Ensure zero escapes and reduce inspection costs by 75% with AI that intercepts both known and novel defects.
Instrumental is a software platform that aggregates your manufacturing data and uses AI to reduce escapes with superhuman visual inspection and improve yield by discovering issues earlier in the process and driving design and process improvements.

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Accelerate Issue Resolution

Investigate potential root causes and eliminate hundreds of root causes in a minute with AI powered correlation detection.

Achieve Digital Transformation

Augment your digital thread with AI applications that proactively find anomalies, eliminate root causes, and intercept operator errors. 

Automate Inspection

Intercept defective units in the upstream assembly process using pass/fail tests to reduce bone pile, teardowns, and rework.

Deliver On Time

Avoid surprises and delays in your build by proactively finding novel issues using AI. Leverage digital threads and AI-powered correlations to quickly identify and address them.

Increase Yield

Catch production issues with AI that intercepts unknown and novel defects and is faster than a human operator. It needs 5 units to get started and works with multi-SKUs.

We take security seriously. 

Instrumental ensures data safety and ITAR compliance with strict security measures and third-party audits. We prioritize the privacy and integrity of customer data and do not use it to train our algorithms.
Prior visual inspection systems could only catch known defects. Interesting aspect of Instrumental was to catch unique [and unknown] defects.”

director of manufacturing API


Mission Critical Company | First Responder Radio




63% faster inspection

4.8% of operator escapes prevented

75% reduction in inspection operators

1-month breakeven