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Instrumental’s secure manufacturing AI and data platform provides unparalleled data traceability and AI tools, enabling leaders to hit timeline and margin targets. 


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of operator escapes prevented


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inspection operator headcount reduction


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faster cosmetic quality check

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Deliver on time

Keep the line running by overseeing the factory in real-time, capturing novel defects on the line, and resolving issues in days instead of weeks.

Improve margins

Reduce your total cost per unit by automating inspection. AI-powered algorithms will identify novel defects and inspect for known issues with better performance than manual inspectors reducing downstream defects.

Ensure zero escapes

Operationalize your zero defect goal by leveraging AI, which only needs five golden units to get started, to identify and intercept novel and known defects proactively.

Accelerate failure analysis

Leverage advanced tools to mine your dataset for the root cause of persistent issues. Accelerate the daily failure analysis process by quickly validating the hypothesis and finding the root cause using the digital thread. 

100% traceability

Create a digital thread of images, videos, and test data for each unit across your supply chain and assembly process. 
Manufacturing AI and Data Platform 
Instrumental delivers a real-time unified, traceable manufacturing data record, providing valuable insights across the product lifecycle.
Manufacturing AI and Data Platform 
Leverage AI  to ship on time and improve margins by capturing novel defects, accelerating failure analysis, and monitoring trends and shifts in production. 


Instrumental is best for products with medium to high complexity, high-performance requirements, or zero defect requirements. Instrumental customers make as few as ten units/month up to 1M / day.   Our technology supports both low- and high-mix environments.
Today is the best time to implement any technology that leverages your data to provide value. Every day that passes is another missed opportunity to improve business KPIs, deliver for your customers, or improve your company’s intellectual property. Instrumental’s technology is designed to be low-lift to integrate at any point in the product lifecycle. Aerospace and defense customers implement Instrumental to:
  1. Scale manufacturing while keeping costs and quality under control
  2. Improve margin, throughput, and yield
  3. Stabilize an out-of-control program

Starting October 2023, Instrumental can be used for ITAR-regulated products. We accomplish this by partnering with AWS GovCloud to provide the robust security foundation required for the industry’s stringent regulatory and compliance demands, including NIST SP 800-171.

Instrumental’s core value to our customers is enabled because we are a cloud-based platform. Our technology builds on a 100% traceable data record from across the supply chain, which might include multiple suppliers and locations. It enables teams distributed across multiple sites to be on the same page. At this time, we do not have an on-premises offering.

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Statistics based on customer Case Study

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