Achieve zero escapes
and maximize yield

Empower your production with AI, pinpointing known and unknown defects, proposing root causes, and testing for failures. Achieve zero escapes for mission-critical products while maximizing yield through seamless issue resolution and real-time production monitoring.


of operator escapes prevented
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inspection operator headcount reduction
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faster cosmetic quality check
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Ensure zero escapes

Discover and intercept previously known and unknown defects by using visual AI, which only needs five units to get started and works in high-mix, low-volume production.

Increase yield

Get actionable real-time insight into your factory with the manufacturing KPI dashboard. Dive into stations and tests lowering your yield, address them in one click using AI-powered correlations that propose root causes and reach your yield targets faster.

Deliver on time

Catch production issues early with AI that can find novel and known issues without impacting yield. Then, trace and resolve issues faster using a historical data record and AI-powered failure analysis tools to meet your deadline.

Accelerate issue resolution

Streamline failure analysis workflows with AI-powered correlations, virtual teardowns, and comprehensive data records of every unit. Our technology suggests root causes and helps you trace defects, saving engineering time spent on data collection and debugging.

Automate Inspection

Augment operator judgment with automated AI-powered visual inspection. The AI runs 100s of inspections in seconds and reduces human error in high-mix scenarios by swiftly switching contexts and highlighting defects.

Achieve Digital Transformation

Bring order from your siloed data and create a digital thread of images, videos, and test data for each unit across your supply chain and assembly process. Overlay these with AI capabilities that help with issue detection, failure analysis, and monitoring.
Manufacturing AI and Data Platform 
Instrumental delivers a real-time unified, traceable manufacturing data record, providing valuable insights across the product lifecycle.
Manufacturing AI and Data Platform 
Leverage AI  to ship on time and improve margins by capturing novel defects, accelerating failure analysis, and monitoring trends and shifts in production. 

We take security seriously. 

Instrumental ensures data safety and ITAR compliance with strict security measures and third-party audits. We prioritize the privacy and integrity of customer data and do not use it to train our algorithms.

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Instrumental is best for products with medium to high complexity, high-performance requirements, or zero defect requirements. Instrumental customers make as few as ten units/month up to 1M / day.   Our technology supports both low- and high-mix environments.

Today is the best time to implement any technology that leverages your data to provide value. Every day that passes is another missed opportunity to improve business KPIs, deliver for your customers, or improve your company’s intellectual property.
Instrumental’s technology is designed to be low-lift to integrate at any point in the product lifecycle. Aerospace and defense customers implement Instrumental to:

  1. Scale manufacturing while keeping costs and quality under control
  2. Improve margin, throughput, and yield
  3. Stabilize an out-of-control program

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Statistics based on customer Case Study

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