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Improve Quality and Yield

For operations teams trying to enhance yield, prevent field failures, or work with a new manufacturing partner. Get real-time oversight of your production, intercept defective units using visual inspection, get alerts when yield drifts, and conduct faster failure analysis when issues arise.

Connect all your siloed data

Gather visual and parametric data from various sources such as cameras, AOI, X-ray, test stations, or Instrumental Stations into a traceable data record for all your units from sub-suppliers, final assembly, and even returns.

Discover and intercept defects

Identify previously unknown defects by using anomaly-detecting AI that can spot differences in units. Turn those into live pass/fail tests on your assembly line and catch every defective unit before they reach the field.
Dashboard of different manufacturing metrics like yield, first pass yield, output etc

Oversee your operations

Get actionable, real-time insight into your factory performance through the Manufacturing Operations Dashboard. Quickly dive into the stations and tests causing you to miss your yield goals by exploring trends and shifts.

Tackle top issues

Take actions based on out-of-the-box Pareto of top failing parametric tests and defects. Identify tests with abnormal distributions and monitor with failed units to keep your processes stable. And for any failing test, quickly dive into failure analysis workflow.

Accelerate failure analysis

Solve problems faster by reviewing potential root causes from the world’s only AI-powered visual and data correlations and tracing the problem to its root cause using a historical assembly data record.

When to use instrumental

Remote data access illustration

Prevent field quality issues

You produce mission-critical products
and can’t afford a single defect
reaching the field

Challenging a

Improve yield

 You are suffering from low yields but have
been resource-constrained to address it

New technologies illustration

Establish new factories

You are scaling globally and can't
compromise on quality or speed

New CM / JDM partner illustration

New CM/JDM partner

You desire to maintain oversight and
ensure a smooth partnership

Must-hit launch date illustration

Prevent returns

You are getting high returns and
haven’t been able to solve it with your
manufacturing partner

Faster ramping illustration

Ramp faster

You must reach your volume targets
without any issues

Ensured consistent product quality and reduced defect hunt and root cause time by half.

Improved customer satisfaction and saved $953K per year by validating root cause in two weeks

One-month breakeven using superhuman inspection to achieve zero escapes

$50B Communications Leader

3% improvement in FPY by using Instrumental as an inline quality check


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Discover AI

Discover automatically detects defects using continuous learning AI. It flags anomalies and improves results with user feedback.
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Solve AI​

Solve includes features that aid in faster failure analysis, such as correlation suggestions for root causes, virtual tear-down, and visual searches.
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Operate AI

Experience the full range of capabilities to monitor your operations. Get real-time manufacturing metrics across SKUs, stations, lines, and sites ...
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Get started with

Operate AI

Oversee your factory operations
with actionable insights,
monitoring, and alerting

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Discover AI

Discover novel defects with
a continuously learning AI

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Solve AI

Speed up your failure analysis
with AI-powered tools

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