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Instrumental was founded by two ex-Apple mechanical engineers who spent years on factory floors and fundamentally believe that manufacturing can be better.

Launch delays, yield fallout, quality escapes that result in unhappy customers – even the best teams with enviable resources struggle with this status quo. The missing link is access to actionable data: organized, aggregated, and detailed data that reveals problems and suggests solutions. Mechanical and manufacturing engineers don’t have a lot of “devtools” – they patchwork together spreadsheets and emails to get work done. Instrumental’s mission is to enable engineers to build better so they can spend less time wrangling data and more time being engineers.

Build Better 2020 Instrumental hosts the inaugural manufacturing optimization conference

Meet the Instrumentalists

Executive Leadership

  • Photo of Anna-Katrina Shedletsky

    Anna-Katrina Shedletsky


  • Photo of Samuel Weiss

    Samuel Weiss


  • Photo of Andy Leventhal

    Andy Leventhal


  • Photo of Jackie Choy

    Jackie Choy

    VP of People

  • Photo of Sarah Church

    Sarah Church

    VP of Finance

  • Photo of Janet Polyakov

    Janet Polyakov

    VP of Marketing

Sales and Marketing

  • Photo of Alex Lee

    Alex Lee

    Enterprise Account Executive

  • Photo of Spencer Purdy

    Spencer Purdy

    Enterprise Account Executive

  • Photo of Jeff Wong

    Jeff Wong

    Enterprise Account Executive

  • Photo of DJ Reesman

    DJ Reesman

    Enterprise Account Executive

  • Photo of Tobias Harrison-Noonan

    Tobias Harrison-Noonan

    Director of Solutions Architecture

  • Photo of William Greenbaum

    William Greenbaum

    Solutions Architect

  • Photo of Reilly Hayes

    Reilly Hayes

    Solutions Architect

  • Photo of Joel Garcia

    Joel Garcia

    Demand Generation Lead

  • Photo of Jaimee Zullo

    Jaimee Zullo

    Brand and Community Lead

  • Photo of Christina Zhou

    Christina Zhou

    Sales and Marketing Operations Manager

  • Photo of Spencer Gospe

    Spencer Gospe

    Business Development Representative

Customer Success and Operations

  • Photo of Bridget Chen

    Bridget Chen


  • Photo of Jefferson Kuo

    Jefferson Kuo

    Technical Program Manager

  • Photo of Peng Kuo

    Peng Kuo

    Technical Program Manager

  • Photo of Nick Greene

    Nick Greene

    Associate Program Manager

  • Photo of Michael Zhang

    Michael Zhang

    Senior Technical Program Manager

  • Photo of Joanna Shkraba

    Joanna Shkraba

    Executive Assistant

  • Photo of Adeeti Katti

    Adeeti Katti

    Technical Recruiter

Product and Engineering

  • Photo of Kris Adler

    Kris Adler

    Software Engineer

  • Photo of Isaac Sukin

    Isaac Sukin

    Software Engineer Manager

  • Photo of Simon Kozlov

    Simon Kozlov

    Machine Learning Engineer

  • Photo of João Morais

    João Morais

    Software Engineer

  • Photo of Rustem Feyzkhanov

    Rustem Feyzkhanov

    Machine Learning Engineer

  • Photo of James Thornton

    James Thornton

    Machine Learning Engineer

  • Photo of Josh Coalson

    Josh Coalson

    Software Engineer

  • Photo of Sairam Venugopal

    Sairam Venugopal

    Software Engineer

  • Photo of Ross Trundy

    Ross Trundy

    Software Engineer

  • Photo of Jonathan Yee

    Jonathan Yee

    Software Engineer

  • Photo of Arseny Kravchenko

    Arseny Kravchenko

    Machine Learning Engineer

  • Photo of Igor Yozhikov

    Igor Yozhikov

    Site Reliability Engineer

  • Photo of Ellen Cooper

    Ellen Cooper

    Software Engineer

  • Photo of Grace Hunter

    Grace Hunter

    Site Reliability Engineer

  • Photo of Vivek Paramesh

    Vivek Paramesh

    SRE Manager

  • Photo of Brian Torres

    Brian Torres

    Site Reliability Engineer

  • Photo of Paul Craddick

    Paul Craddick

    Software Engineer

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