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Instrumental was founded by two ex-Apple mechanical engineers who spent years on factory floors and fundamentally believe that manufacturing can be better.

Launch delays, yield fallout, quality escapes that result in unhappy customers – even the best teams with enviable resources struggle with this status quo. From the engineer's perspective, the missing link is a foundation of data. Not just any data, but organized, aggregated, and detailed data that not only reveals problems, but suggests solutions. And because engineers are busy, they need powerful and intelligent tools to process large datasets and to highlight the most interesting findings – so they can focus on creating solutions.

Instrumental is a cloud-based data layer that aggregates images from the manufacturing line and provides real-time defect detection, retroactive anomaly review, and 100% traceability to support failure analysis in development and production. Instrumental will change the way you think about manufacturing, and we are passionate about helping our customers build better.

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Meet the Instrumentalists

Executive Leadership

Anna-Katrina Shedletsky


Samuel Weiss


Keith Lucas


Janet Polyakov

VP of Marketing

Sales and Marketing

Alex Lee

Enterprise Account Executive

Spencer Purdy

Enterprise Account Executive

Leslie Williams

Content Marketing Lead

Tobias Harrison-Noonan

Director of Solutions Architecture

William Greenbaum

Solutions Architect

Reilly Hayes

Solutions Architect

Customer Success and Operations

Brendan Green

Director of Operations

Bridget Chen


Jefferson Kuo

Technical Program Manager

Peng Kuo

Technical Program Manager

Nick Greene

Associate Program Manager

Joanna Shkraba

Executive Assistant

Product and Engineering

Kris Adler

Software Engineer

Isaac Sukin

Software Engineer

Simon Kozlov

Machine Learning Engineer

João Morais

Software Engineer

Rustem Feyzkhanov

Machine Learning Engineer

James Thornton

Machine Learning Engineer

Josh Coalson

Software Engineer

Jesse Dutton

Site Reliability Engineer

Sairam Venugopal

Software Engineer

Ross Trundy

Software Engineer

Jack Breese

Product Manager

Jonathan Yee

Software Engineer

Arseny Kravchenko

Machine Learning Engineer

Ellen Cooper

Software Engineer

Kevin Jiang

Machine Learning Intern

Licorice Green
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