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Accelerate your NPI Programs

Instrumental’s Manufacturing AI and Data Platform automatically detects defects and provides AI tools, helping leaders reach NPI targets faster.

Discover novel defects on day one

The continuously learning AI only needs five units to get started and automatically identifies defects that could become big problems later.

Reduce build time and avoid extra builds

Find defects sooner with anomaly-detecting AI and near real time image and data from the factory. Solve problems faster using AI-powered failure analysis tools.

Improve engineering efficiency

Save time by using advanced tools like correlations to suggest root causes from visual and parametric data. Also, conduct teardowns, virtually search images, and instantly generate measurements.

Avoid early field failures

Design out every defect in your product by identifying novel defects sooner and preventing any potential early field failures.

<24 hours for first defect discovery

Using Instrumental’s AI-powered manufacturing optimization platform, Axon accelerates issue detection and resolution, upgrades quality processes, and gains engineering efficiency from development to production.

Accelerated NPI
build by 4 weeks

<2 hours to identify defects

Motorola accelerates product maturity

Instrumental reduces the number of experimental builds needed to validate our products during development.

Get started with

Discover AI

Discover automatically detects defects using continuous learning AI. It flags anomalies and improves results with user feedback.
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Solve AI​

Solve includes features that aid in faster failure analysis, such as correlation suggestions for root causes, virtual tear-down, and visual searches.
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Operate AI

Experience the full range of capabilities to monitor your operations. Get real-time manufacturing metrics across SKUs, stations, lines, and sites ...
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