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Accelerate your NPI Programs

For engineering teams trying to hit their NPI deadlines, dealing with complex electronics assembly or a new manufacturing partner. Aggregate all your data, find novel defects using AI, and accelerate failure analysis with powerful failure analysis tools.
aggregate your testing data

Connect all your siloed data

Gather visual and parametric data from various sources such as cameras, AOI, X-ray, test stations, or Instrumental Stations into a traceable data record for all your units.

Discover novel defects on day one

Use the anomaly-detecting AI to start surfacing unknown defects in your design. It continuously learns from your feedback, compares new units to a normal unit, and only needs five units to get started.
Virtual teardown illustration

Conduct virtual teardowns

Virtually explore serialized units and each step of their assembly process through a simple user interface. Leverage deep visual search to explore multiple units at once.

Generate new data instantly

Retroactively measure any dimension using AI without the hassle of manual measurements. The AI can be trained in less than 10 minutes using just 30 samples. Once trained, it can quickly and efficiently measure hundreds of samples, which can be used to analyze failures or identify drifts and shifts.
Automated measurements illustration
Failure analysis correlations graph

Accelerate failure analysis

Solve problems faster by reviewing potential root causes from the world’s only AI-powered visual and data correlations and tracing the problem to its root cause using a historical assembly data record

When to use instrumental

Remote data access illustration

Remote location

The factory is in a remote location,
requiring you to use virtual tools to
find and fix issues

Challenging a

Challenging assembly

You want to address any defects that
arise before they become a big issue later

New technologies illustration

New technologies

There is a high risk of failure, and you
want to take control of it

New CM / JDM partner illustration

New CM/JDM partner

You wish to maintain oversight and
ensure a smooth partnership

Must-hit launch date illustration

Must-hit launch date

You must hit your NPI deadline, and
it cannot be delayed by a day

Faster ramping illustration

Ramp faster

You need to reach your volume targets
without any issues

Meta accelerates NPI and saves over 900 engineering weeks across 7 programs

Axon avoids launch delays with AI

Accelerated NPI build by 4 weeks

Get started with

Discover AI

Discover automatically detects defects using continuous learning AI. It flags anomalies and improves results with user feedback.
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Solve AI​

Solve includes features that aid in faster failure analysis, such as correlation suggestions for root causes, virtual tear-down, and visual searches.
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Operate AI

Experience the full range of capabilities to monitor your operations. Get real-time manufacturing metrics across SKUs, stations, lines, and sites ...
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Get started with

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Discover AI

Discover novel defects with
a continuously learning AI

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Solve AI

Speed up your failure analysis
with AI-powered tools

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