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Focus on engineering and not on deployment

Instrumental has strong CM partnerships that help us to integrate data into the cloud app and drop stations on the line. We also take the responsibility to train operators on how to install and use Instrumental stations.

Out of the top 10 CM’s in the world have worked with us
CM partners globally
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Easy Deployment

We ship stations directly to your factory and
deploy them remotely with the help of the CM.

Support and Training

We train operators on how to use Instrumental
stations on their assembly line.

Hands Off Data Integration

We work with the factory to upload parametric
test data from the assembly line to the cloud app.

Embed Instrumental into your core workflows

Our technology partnerships improve efficiency and productivity.

Our integration with Siemens TeamCentre Quality helps our customers achieve closed-loop quality.

Streamline root cause analysis, track, and measure the effectiveness of corrective actions over time.

We are part of the NVIDIA Metropolis partner program focused on vision AI applications.

Collaborating with NVIDIA has enabled Instrumental to achieve blazing-fast edge inference, reducing cycle time and minimizing impact on customer throughput.

Leverage our advanced computer vision systems on your Tulip stations.

Advanced computer vision and failure analysis for complex electronics assembly in your frontline operations

For projects requiring advanced and complex automation, Instrumental is a partner of Andrews Cooper.

As part of the SAP Industry Cloud ecosystem, we integrate across your existing factory management software, MES, or enterprise solution.

We are an AWS Manufacturing and Industrial Software competency partner.

Faster and easier imaging system connections

Our partnerships with imaging providers enable quick image imports into the Instrumental app.

Our REST API provides easy integration of image data from the Basler imaging system.

Ask us about our exclusive partner packages with Hexagon metrology, imaging, and CT scanning equipment.

For your X-ray needs, we have native integrations with Creative Electron for fast, easy, and flexible deployment to your line.

For projects requiring advanced imaging systems such as IR imaging, leverage our integration with FLIR systems.

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