Instrumental On The Line

Find and fix manufacturing issues

Save time and money in development and production.

Photo courtesy of: Light. Shot on the L16.

Better products, processes, and bottom lines


Images of every unit

Get eyes on your line with our cameras or yours.


AI does the heavy lifting

Easy-to-use AI learns to discover defects and shifts in quality - with as few as 30 units.


Data at decision-making resolution

Real-time defect heatmaps, analytics, and alerts provide immediate clarity


Continuous improvements across the supply chain

Proactively mitigate process, design, and quality issues remotely.

Accelerate your workflow and drive core metrics

Save time and money in development and production

Dev workflow

Accelerate product maturity

In development, engineers race to find and fix as many issues as possible. Instrumental delivers robust products in fewer cycles by accelerating each step of failure analysis.

  • Discover unanticipated defects
  • Conduct virtual teardowns
  • Reduce factory travel
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MP workflow

Control yield and catch shift

In production, operations works to minimize the impact of external fluxuations on yield. Instrumental provides tools to detect and mitigate unexpected quality shifts.

  • Receive custom threshold alerts
  • Intercept defects upstream in real-time
  • Operate efficiently, delight customers
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AI that works on day one

Designed for the unique constraints of manufacturing, Instrumental AI is robust and flexible to your needs.

  • Train a unique and robust machine learning model in minutes – with as little as 30 units.
  • Detect unanticipated defects, without the need for perfect units or defective examples.
  • Use the same algorithm to surface defects with a wide array of failure modes.
AI 07

Supporting hardware included with service

Stations 11

Versatile stations

Lighting, camera, and lenses are easily adjusted to fit your unique products and environments.

Easy deployments

We often deploy our stations in one day, including running the first units through and detecting initial defects.

High resolution images

Our cameras provide you with a crisp image that make your most important defects visible.

Better products. Better yields.

Accelerate cycles and control production with Instrumental.