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Improved customer satisfaction and saved $953K per year by validating root cause in two weeks

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“This one’s for the babies.”

That’s the theme that Owlet championed when they listed on the New York Stock Exchange and announced that they had served over 1 million babies. It’s also the theme that has driven its product and manufacturing decisions since it launched in 2013. Owlet creates products and accessories that monitor babies’ sleeping patterns, including a sock that monitors heart rates and a camera that observes sleep environments to give parents peace of mind while their babies sleep.

From the start, Owlet has made a point to work with manufacturing partners that understand its mission to create high-quality products. That’s why, when Owlet learned their product wasn’t working as designed for some customers, they turned to Instrumental to rapidly identify the root cause and make process improvements to deliver high-quality products and improve the customer experience.

They suspected the failure was due to potting material not being appropriately cured. However, due to the factory being overseas, they needed a way to verify their guess. They leveraged Instrumental stations to capture images of their failed units and units with the new curing process to confirm their suspicion about the potting material. Using Instrumental’s Visual Search, which uses AI algorithms to find anomalies and similarities in image data, they quickly and accurately identified the product failure’s root cause. Working with their manufacturer, they fixed the process causing the defects to ensure high quality and customer satisfaction.

The Results

  • 8X faster failure analysis and process improvement
  • $953K/year saved by avoiding replacements
  • One month breakeven

“Without Instrumental, fixing the issue and delivering customer satisfaction would have been slower, harder, and more expensive.”

- Burc Sahinoglu, Chief Technology Officer

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