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For engineering and operations teams building complex electronics

The Manufacturing AI and Data Platform for the Entire Product Lifecycle

Aggregate Data

Gather siloed manufacturing data record for every unit from test stations, imaging stations, and Instrumental stations across the entire product lifecycle and turn it into a traceable data record. 

Discover Novel Defects

Avoid extra builds and tests to find failures in your design. Find defects using real-time data from the factory and an anomaly-detecting AI. It only needs five units to get started and is continuously learning.

Accelerate Failure Analysis

Solve problems faster by reviewing potential root causes from the world’s only AI-powered visual and data correlations and tracing the problem to its root cause using a historical assembly data record.

Oversee Factory Operations

Proactively improve quality and yield with real-time manufacturing insights on output and yield, known defect monitoring, and SPC alerts while reducing dependence on factory production reports.

Accelerate your NPI Programs

Meet your NPI deadline, improve engineering efficiency, and avoid unnecessary builds.

  • Quickly surface unknown defects using AI that compares new units to a normal baseline to find anomalies.
  • Perform faster failure analysis with an AI-ranked list of highly correlated relationships.
  • Use a historical data record and intuitive UI to conduct virtual teardowns and identify root causes.

Hit your Quality Goals and Ensure Zero Escapes

Ramp faster, improve first pass yield, and avoid field failures.

  • Get real-time insight into your factory’s performance with an out-of-the-box dashboard displaying KPIs over time and by each station in your process.
  • Set up live pass/fail tests on your assembly line and catch every defective unit before it reaches the field.
  • When issues arise, dive straight into correlations and other failure analysis workflows.

Drive Digital Transformation

Set a global standard of quality, scale faster, and improve collaboration.

  • Aggregate data from sub-assembly, final assembly, & returns in a secure cloud app for full traceability.
  • Use AI to prevent and resolve costly issues before they delay builds, or take down lines.
  • Compare learnings and transfer best practices across lines and sites.

Unlock Business and Operational Success with Instrumental

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Increase First Pass Yield


Saved in Replacement Cost

By using Instrumental, it was like being at the factories. The transparency Instrumental provided resulted in more prompt attention and a higher level of care for our line, putting us on the same level of priority as other customers with higher volume.”

bill maginn

Operations Engineering and NPI leader, Axon
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Programs that used Instrumental during development ramped faster than products that did not use it.”

Director of Engineering and NPI

Motorola Mobility
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Without Instrumental, fixing the issue and delivering customer satisfaction would have been slower, harder, and more expensive.”

Burc Sahinoglu

Chief Technology Officer
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Nobody provides the contextualization and user experience that Instrumental has developed. This is the holy grail of data correlation. ”


Director of Operations, L3 Harris

[Instrumental] transformed us to the next level of product. These are new capabilities we don’t have.”

VP of Manufacturing Technologies

$15B Mission-Critical Electrification Leader

Instrumental helped us quickly identify major impacts to our units and gave us data to back up what to do next.”


Senior Test and Quality Manager, PuffCo
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