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Leave build delays behind

Use anomaly-detecting AI, failure analysis tools, and historical data records to quickly discover, analyze, and resolve defects. Improve engineering efficiency, reduce build delays, avoid early field failures, and improve customer satisfaction with Instrumental.

Meet your NPI Deadline

Detect novel defects that would have remained hidden with continuously learning anomaly-detecting AI. Then, trace and resolve issues in minutes with a comprehensive data record and list of proposed root causes and meet your deadline every time.

Improve Engineering Efficiency

Streamline failure analysis workflows with AI-powered correlations, virtual teardown, and complete data record of every unit. Our technology eliminates 100s of root causes quickly and helps you trace defects, saving engineering time spent on running DOE’s, data collection and debugging.
identify root causes with instrumental

Avoid additional builds

Utilize anomaly-detecting algorithms and near-real-time factory data to detect defects early. Speed up failure analysis with AI-powered tools that suggest root causes in minutes. By finding and fixing defects earlier in the design process, you can prevent additional builds or delays.

Avoid Early Field Failures

Discover novel defects using AI and monitor every known defect in your design using pass/fail tests. This will ensure no defect escapes from your factory and will also de-risk the ramp and mass production.

Avoid returns and improve customer satisfaction

Oversee factory operations remotely with a dashboard of key KPIs at every level over time and by each station in your process. Monitor known defects using pass/fail monitors and get alerts when deviations occur. Ensure no defective units escape the factory leading to returns later and negative reviews.

Meta accelerates NPI and saves over 900 engineering weeks across 7 programs

Axon avoids launch delays with AI

Accelerated NPI build by 4 weeks


Instrumental’s approach centers on data analysis rather than data origin. Our solutions have been successfully applied to various products, including blade servers, enterprise cameras, EV chargers, solar inverters, and infrared cameras. We collaborate closely with clients to configure the imaging station to align with your specific product requirements, or we can use an existing image source like an X-Ray machine, AOI machine, etc.

Today is the best time to implement any technology that leverages your data to provide value. Every day that passes is another missed opportunity to improve business KPIs, deliver for your customers, or improve your company’s intellectual property.

Instrumental’s technology is designed to be low-lift to integrate at any point in the product lifecycle. Consumer Electronics customers implement Instrumental to:

  • Build new technologies with a risk of high failures
  • Monitor the design of products with challenging assemblies
  • Oversee operations when working with a new CM/JDM Partner
  • Meet their NPI deadlines
  • Ramp faster in MP without any issues

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