Data and AI Platform customized to your needs

Set up Instrumental

Step 1

Connect existing data

Select existing data and images you want to connect to Instrumental
Step 2

Pick Instrumental Stations

Add stations to your assembly line to discover novel defects and monitor known defects

Design and Configuration

Select type of station, number of stations and customized nest design.


Subscribe to the station and get support, maintenance and frequent updates.

Step 3

Select Data and Image Volumes

Only pay for data and image volumes that you need

Data Bundle

Starting from 10M data points

Image Bundle

Starting from 10K images

Oversee your factory with Trace


Base Platform

100% Traceability with real-time manufacturing data record

Whats Included?

Select the AI capabilities that you need

Discover AI

add on

Discover defects in your build using continuously learning AI.

Annual license

Operate AI

add on

Intercept known defects and oversee your factory operations

Annual license

Solve AI

add on

Solve failures faster with AI-powered failure analysis tools

Annual license

Ready to try it for yourself?

Start finding and fixing issues now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our customers find an annual license to be the most beneficial as it allows them to utilize Instrumental on multiple lines and products with ease. However, we understand that in emergency situations, you may only require AI capabilities for a shorter period. For such instances, we offer a monthly package that can accommodate your specific needs.

Our team can assist you in estimating the amount of data and image volumes you require for your program. And don’t worry; unused data and images can be rolled over into the next licensing cycle.

We offer a standard level of support to all our customers, which includes remote setup, user training, and technical support, among other things. Additionally, we offer upgraded support packages that offer an enhanced SLA and more hours with our support team.

You have the flexibility to choose between integrating your own equipment or using our equipment. If you choose to use our equipment, we will license the station to you for a nominal fee. Additionally, you have the option of redeploying the stations on another line or project at your convenience.