Instrumental Surpasses Three Billion Manufacturing Data Points Processed

Anna-Katrina Shedletsky

MARCH 2023

Instrumental is excited to announce that our technology has recently surpassed over three billion data points processed for our customers. This number is growing exponentially, primarily driven by our Data Streams offering. Data Streams aggregates functional test and measurement data from the supply chain and provides oversight and Statistical Process Control (SPC) alerts.

The Need for Real-Time Manufacturing Data

For decades, electronics brands have relied on their manufacturing partners to run their units through functional tests and provide yield reports, failure analysis of defects, and corrective actions. For many companies, once a product was in production it was on the manufacturing partner to “make it work”. With the proliferation of consumer electronics into every facet of our lives over the last 20 years, brands are expected to produce their devices at high volume with ever-higher consumer expectations of quality and reliability. Many brands realized that they could not “set it and forget it” with their manufacturing partners, and needed to take a more active role in overseeing and solving issues. At the end of the day, with social media and online reviews, the buck stops with the brands.

Mix that slow realization in with the fast realizations of the past few years that this data can and should be digitized and remotely accessible and that AI is already doing incredible things – and it’s become clear that this data is both operationally and strategically important for improving product margins and protecting brand reputation. That data is a mix of the manufacturer’s and the brand’s intellectual property; buried inside it are insights that can be used to make their products cheaper, better, faster. While brands may have hesitated in the past because “what’s the ROI of having a database” – it’s now clear that the ROI is not in the database: but in the insights and actions that mining the data produces.

Instrumental Data Streams

Instrumental has been around long enough to see change happening in real-time. We built our product to be flexible: either turnkey with data aggregation – for those without infrastructure – or modular – for those with their own data-rich, insight-poor environment. With Instrumental manufacturing technology running on top of this data, operations teams have real-time oversight of yield and throughput across one or more locations, proactive alerts to capability shifts and drifts, and AI-powered correlations that can automatically suggest the root cause of quality issues discovered on the line. Engineering and operations teams use Data Streams for quality control, yield optimization, and continuous improvement.

Our database is growing exponentially, driven by the demand of our customers to extract insights today versus waiting for IT or data teams to build internal tooling. We look forward to continuing our impact on our customers by helping them to build better products with data.

See Data Streams in Action

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