Deliver the highest quality product with zero defects

Leverage AI-driven inspection technology, manufacturing oversight, and on-demand failure analysis for detecting, capturing, and resolving novel defects. Ensure zero escapes, elevate First Pass Yield (FPY), and minimize rework through comprehensive quality management.

Prevent Escapes and Field Failures

Identify previously unknown defects by using anomaly-detecting AI that can spot differences in units. Turn those into live pass/fail tests on your assembly line and catch every defective unit before they reach the field.

Improve First Pass Yield

Catch production issues early with anomaly-detecting AI and pass/fail monitoring. Then, trace and resolve issues using a historical data record and AI-powered failure analysis tools to minimize the risk of additional defective units and boost your initial yield.

Reduce Rework

Intercept defective units in the upstream assembly process using pass/fail tests. This approach allows for the early detection of issues, reducing the need for costly and time-consuming downstream fixes like teardowns and rework.

Ramp Faster

Get actionable real-time insight into your factory with the manufacturing KPI dashboard. Dive into stations and tests lowering your yield, address them in one click using AI-powered correlations that propose root causes and reach your yield targets faster.

reduce inspection cost and time

Reduce costs by replacing manual inspectors with automated AI-powered visual inspection. The AI intercepts defective units in real-time and is more accurate and faster than a manual operator, saving you time and money

improve engineering efficiency

Enhance failure analysis workflows with AI-driven correlations suggesting root causes and a detailed data record for issue tracing. Save time by instantly generating distances using AI-powered measurements, eliminating the need for manual data creation.
Manufacturing AI and Data Platform 
Instrumental delivers a real-time unified, traceable manufacturing data record, providing valuable insights across the product lifecycle.
Leverage AI for preventative and corrective action, production management, and digital transformation.

10x Return on Investment

Created a global standard of quality using Instrumental across 5 factories. Automated inspection to prevent costly escapes across 40+ SKUs and avoid 4 recalls impacting tens of thousands of units.

Electrification Leader

One Month to Breakeven

  • 4.6% Operator escapes prevented
  • 75% Operator headcount reduction
  • 65% Reduction in inspection time
  • $780k Revenue loss prevention
  • $156k Operational savings
Communications Device
Industry Leader

"Instrumental reduced our defect [and root cause] hunt time by half.”

Ali Mansour, technical program manager,

<24 hours for first defect discovery

Using Instrumental’s AI-powered manufacturing optimization platform, Axon accelerates issue detection and resolution, upgrades quality processes, and gains engineering efficiency from development to production.


Instrumental’s approach centers on data analysis rather than data origin. Our solutions have been successfully applied to various products, including blade servers, enterprise cameras, EV chargers, solar inverters, and infrared cameras. We collaborate closely with clients to configure the imaging station to align with your specific product requirements, or we can use an existing image source like an X-Ray machine, AOI machine, etc.

Instrumental is sought after in five key scenarios by its customers:
– To enhance yield on an existing production line
– To establish new factories or lines without compromising quality or speed
– To stabilize production that has gone out of control
– To expedite New Product Introduction (NPI) programs across remote factory locations
– To supervise distant Joint Design Manufacturer (JDM) or Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) partners
The company’s value persists throughout the entire product lifecycle, even after initial objectives have been accomplished, making it a reliable and long-term business partner.

Yes, The Instrumental solution has proven its efficacy in low volumes of mission-critical electronics like solar inverters, first responder radios, and blade servers. This is possible by using a sophisticated generalized low-shot algorithm, facilitating seamless implementation with as few as 30 units. With the added benefits of full traceability and high mix features, our customers can efficiently manage multiple SKUs across different sites, streamlining their operations and improving efficiency.

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Solutions Architect
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