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Improve quality and yield with actionable insights, monitoring, and alerting

Oversee Operations

Get immediate & real-time insight into your factory’s performance with an out-of-the-box dashboard displaying KPIs over time and by each station in your process. Take the next step by diving straight into correlations and other failure analysis workflows.

Intercept Defects

Ensure no defective units escape the factory by setting up pass/fail tests on the line. Create, review, and track performance for all active tests on the app.

Tackle Top Issues

Take actions based on out-of-the-box Pareto of top failing parametric tests and defects. Identify tests with abnormal distributions and monitor with failed units to keep your processes stable. And for any failing test, quickly dive into failure analysis workflow.  

Get SPC alerts

Get notified when any test or measurement starts to drift without building costly internal tools.


Drop Instrumental Stations

Use our stations for pass/fail tests

Aggregate your data

Integrate with existing parametric tests, measurement systems, and custom data sources from your line.

No coding required

There is no need for a data scientist or expensive custom programming to integrate Instrumental with your data sources.

Near real-time data

Results appear as the day goes on, allowing users to see what is going wrong on their line in almost real-time. 

Export and Share Reports

Download pass/fail test reports and share test metrics from the app.

Set limits for Pass/Fail tests.

Create upper and lower bound limits for your parametric tests.

Create live and offline monitors

Monitor known defects on the manufacturing line and the app. 

Explore anomalous units

Deep dive directly into the failed units

Explore other capabilities


100% Traceability with real-time manufacturing data record

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Discover AI

Discover novel defects with a continuously learning AI

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Solve AI

Speed up your failure analysis with AI-powered tools