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100% Traceability with real-time manufacturing data record

Input existing data

Connect your functional test data, images, and videos from AOI, X-rays, or other industrial cameras from your partner factory or your own factory.

Collect new data

Add Instrumental drop-in stations to collect new images and video of key assembly states and processes on your assembly line.

Conduct Virtual Teardowns

Virtually explore serialized units and each step of their assembly process through a simple user interface.
Virtual teardown illustration

Search by Serial Numbers

Efficiently sift through your data and images by using filters to search for specific serial numbers. 

Measure Distances

Retroactively measure any dimension using AI without the hassle of manual measurements.


Platform for AI Capabilities

Add powerful AI Licenses to support development and production

No coding required

There is no need for a data scientist or expensive custom programming to integrate Instrumental with your data sources.

Near real-time data

Results appear as the day goes on, allowing users to see what is going wrong on their line in almost real-time. 


Identify and label any parts that need to be addressed with your team

Explore other capabilities

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Discover AI

Discover novel defects with a continuously learning AI

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Solve AI

Speed up your failure analysis with AI-powered tools

Operate AI

Oversee your factory operations
with actionable insights,
monitoring, and alerting