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Discover novel defects with continuously learning visual AI

Automatically Detect Anamolies

The technology compares newly received units to a “normal” baseline model in order to identify differences and highlight any anomalies and only needs 5 units to get started.
An Instrumental Discover AI heatmap showing novel defects discovered on an electronic device.

Take the guesswork out of what to review

Use a prioritized list of actions which identifies which units, days, and regions need the most attention.

Provide feedback and improve results

Provide feedback in just 15 minutes daily for less than a week to train the AI and improve the results. 

Set up pass/fail tests

 Set up pass/fail tests for defects that have been identified as interesting, and intercept them on the line or monitor them in the cloud.


Use your image source or Instrumental stations

Capture images with your existing ones (like AOI machine, X-Ray, etc.) or use our drop-in stations.


It can be set up on Day 1, with as few as 5 units.

Compatible with various volumes

The technology can be used on as few as ten units/month to 1M / day.  

Near real-time data

Results appear as the day goes on, allowing you to see what is happening on the line in near real-time. 

Track progress

See which days, units, and regions need to be reviewed and how many you have already reviewed.


Easily see which assembly steps are most variable at a glance.


Filter by station, SKUs, regions, day and anomaly severity

Traceable digital record

Ensure visibility into what your team is working on by viewing what other users have labeled. 

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100% Traceability with real-time manufacturing data record

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