Improve FPY and reduce field failures with superhuman performance and an auditable data record

Instrumental vs. Manual Inspection

Fewer escapes with tireless AI

Unlike human inspectors, who can miss defects when fatigued, Instrumental can benefit from multiple algorithms running in concert – and they don’t fatigue. It has proven to catch defects missed by operators. Learn how one customer found 4.6% of units were escaping inspection.

Discovers new issue types proactively without training

While humans typically focus on a limited 10-15 items in their Standard Inspection Protocol (SIP), Instrumental’s AI inspection scans the entire field of view for anomalies. Even identifying new defect types during stable production.

Continuously learning and improving with feedback

Instrumental’s AI inspection is continuously learning and gets better at finding defects with feedback. Users can also take advantage of an unlimited (and auditable) memory as part of its training set – that can be easily replicated from line to line.