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WeChat ban may cut a vital lifeline to Chinese factories for U.S. electronics brands

Mechanical engineers based in the US use WeChat to communicate with China-based factory counterparts – a common manufacturing practice that may soon change.

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Manufacturing Heroics
Heroism in Electronics Manufacturing Adds Risk without Reward

Covid-19 prevents engineers in electronics manufacturing from factory travel and other heroics – forcing the adoption of new solutions to stay on schedule.

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Work Remote
NPI failure analysis from anywhere: HQ, home, or the factory

Instrumental enables remote work during NPI by giving engineers access to the data they need during EVT, DVT, and PVT.

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10 waste hero
Manufacturing Wastes 10% Of The GWP Every Year. Here’s Why.

Scrap, rework, and slow failure analysis loops are just the beginning of the manufacturing waste caused by inefficiencies – and Industry 4.0 alone doesn't solve it.

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Manufacturing automation and AI might be here, but Industry 4.0 is still far off

Adoption of automation technology is lagging across the manufacturing space, and the problem stems from misaligned incentives for both factories and brands. Learn how Instrumental and Teradyne overcome these hurdles to help spread smart manufacturing.

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China Map
The 7 Problems Manufacturers Will Need To Solve To Move Their Supply Chains Out Of China

With tariffs on the horizon, consumer electronics companies debate moving their supply chains out of China. From sourcing operators, to capital equipment costs, manufacturing companies face complex issues that may result in product release delays this holiday season.

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Made in China? Three trends driving electronics manufacturing in 2019

The very nature of manufacturing itself is shifting, driven by technology, changing attitudes, and U.S. tariffs on goods made in China.

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Hero Five Factors
Five factors putting pressure on manufacturers to do better (Video)

Earlier in November, Anna spoke at ID Tech Ex 2018. Here's a reprise of her talk on why it's actually gotten harder to build great products, and what to do about it.

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