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An overview of Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

This guide to automated optical inspection covers clear definitions, implementation processes, pros and cons, and the cost of typical AOI solutions in electronics manufacturing.

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Machine Vision 01
Machine vision vs. manual inspection vs. Instrumental

Get a clear breakdown of electronics quality inspection options and compare machine vision systems, manual inspection, and modern AI solutions.

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Instrumental detects a diverse array of post-SMA PCB defects

Solder bridge, conformal coating, and other PCB issues are common – making post-SMA inspection vital. Instrumental leverages AI to detect a wide array of issues with multiple failure modes that human inspection and functional tests may miss.

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Circuit board
Top 10 Production Defects

Access never-before-seen data on top defect types and defect rates from real production environments – a must see for engineering, quality, and operations leaders responsible for NPI, yield, and quality.

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Automation World
Motorola Uses Machine Learning to Boost Quality (via Automation World)

Automation World shares how Instrumental's software puts machine learning in the hands of mechanical engineers.

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Case Study: Motorola Accelerates Product Maturity During Development

Motorola sees significant efficiency gains by implementing Instrumental on its entire line of mobile phones.

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Hero Five Factors
Five factors putting pressure on manufacturers to do better (Video)

Earlier in November, Anna spoke at ID Tech Ex 2018. Here's a reprise of her talk on why it's actually gotten harder to build great products, and what to do about it.

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Listen to your customers: leverage TWR data to build better products

Here's how to tap into an under-utilized source of data that can increase margins in the short term and yield learnings for the long term.

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