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August 2022

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Hi there,

I’m Noy Anisman, a Solutions Architect at Instrumental. I’m writing to you, having just learned something interesting on a Zoom call with my colleague who is recovering from ACL surgery.

Coincidentally, Will’s surgeon used a medical device that I worked on in my previous role as a mechanical engineer. This has me thinking back to my days of building these mission critical products. More specifically, I think of the many steps of design, development, and manufacturing that yielded the end product used in surgeries across the world.

In my career as a mechanical engineer, I’ve learned one lesson over and over again: no product we build can be truly perfect. Whether attributed to manufacturing variation, user error, or supply chain issues, risks are inevitable when so much is out of our control.

Especially now, I know that supply chain is at the top of everyone’s mind. I like Joan Cullinane’s advice about this critical, but unstable, piece of the product design puzzle. She’s the VP of supply chain at Oracle, and shared that the best way to avoid a breakdown in your supply chain is to invest in relationships with suppliers. Caring for your supplier relationships is becoming necessary to manage the risk of today’s unpredictable supply chain.

If you’re frustrated by the unpredictability, you’re not alone. We surveyed 300+ engineering and operations professionals to learn what’s on their minds, and supply chain management was the number one concern and most time-consuming task. You can read more here.

As always, we’re here to help you fix things faster if you’re in a bind with your build.

To fixing things,

Noy Anisman


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If there was ever a time to have an emotional quotient, you’ve gotta have it now. [You] really need to be a partner and be … someone that’s truly invested in your supply chain.”

Joan Cullinane, DBA

AVP of Supply Chain at Oracle, on the Instrumental Blog

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