Failure Analysis Emergency Services

Line down? Build blocked? High return rate? Instrumental Emergency Services can deploy software to your line within 48 hours* to get you the data and analysis you need to get back on track.

Connect with our failure analysis engineers for an immediate consultation and we’ll use everything at our disposal to help you find and fix your issue as soon as possible.

Fill out the form to get a response in less than 4 hours.

Get immediate support from the veteran teams supporting the world's leading brands:

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Get immediate support from the veteran teams supporting the world's leading brands:

We guarantee you will:

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Speak with one of our engineering team members within 4 hours who will collect the necessary information to help diagnose your failure

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Get specific, insightful next steps on how Instrumental can help. Review a brief scope of our engagement at the bottom of this page.

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If we can help, we can have you setup with your line data in our platform, within 48 hours*

*Timing contingent upon us getting a signed MSA and assumes it requires no additional hardware. Timelines will vary if Instrumental needs to send hardware to capture visual data.

We are your trusted partners

The Instrumental team is your trusted partner who will jump in to firefight with you with near real-time failure analysis. Whether you’re experiencing a critical misstep in your new product introduction process or you’ve stopped your existing line in production due critical failures, we’re here to help. Matter of fact, you’ll have engineers from our Solutions Architecture team drop everything to make sure you don’t have to.

After a brief consultation, you can leverage our AI-powered failure analysis software on your manufacturing data on the same day while we deploy Instrumental stations to your line in less than a week. Our solution can provide actionable insights in under 30 units.

Coupled with our experienced product design engineers, you’ll be able to discover root cause and monitor your solution to validate its success.

William Greenbaum

Former PDE at Apple, Tesla, and advisor to Cruise, Chargepoint, and more.

Molly McShane

Former PDE at Google and advisor to programs at ChargePoint, Owlet, and more.

Tobias Harrison-Noonan

Former PDE at Google and advisor to programs at ChargePoint, Owlet, and more.

Instrumental AI for Smart Manufacturing

Instrumental unifies your product data to deliver the information you need, when and where you need it, so you can find and fix problems fast. Industrial AI automatically finds and ranks every defect, speeds up failure analysis, and keeps your builds on track.

Use Instrumental Emergency Services to:

  • check iconRapidly understand the scope and prevalence of a significant issue
  • check iconPinpoint root causes that have visual clues anywhere in the supply chain
  • check iconUnderstand variation caused by process, quality, or workmanship issues
  • check iconRun DOEs and validate solutions quickly with 100% oversight
  • check iconMonitor fixes to make sure problems don’t come back
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Quote opening

I felt that Instrumental got what we were doing and why our mission is so important to us. Throughout the process, they actively helped us solve immediate problems and they’re committed to evolving their platform to further support our needs. We had a great two-way synergy with the Instrumental team and that’s why we’re getting ready to use Instrumental again on a new product."”

Bill Maginn

Operations Engineering and NPI leader at Axon
Case Study: AXON

Using Instrumental’s AI-powered manufacturing optimization platform, Axon accelerates issue detection and resolution, upgrades quality processes, and gains engineering efficiency from EVT to MP.

Founded in 1993, Axon’s mission is to protect life by creating technology and services that promote safety, efficiency, and transparency. They offer a full tech suite of critical devices, software, and training for use by law enforcement, military, corrections, private security personnel, and by private individuals for personal defense. In addition to hardware such as in-camera systems, body-worn cameras, and less-lethal devices like TASERs, Axon has developed technology to handle data to capture, securely store, and manage video/audio evidence.

The value of using Instrumental could be seen from the early stages of development through Mass Production. Download our full case study below to see exclusive details about how the Axon team achieved the following:

  • After the first day, the team automatically detected unknown issues, gained a full data record and instant, remote failure analysis.
  • More than 20 different types of unknown issues were discovered, some of which would have resulted in escapes.
  • Defect rates dropped 6% from EVT1 to DVT, improving design and processes early on, avoiding rework on dozens of units
  • Traceability increased between builds, which enabled teams to rapidly respond with historically accurate information.
  • Team efficiency increased. In EVT2, the team saved 35 hours of engineering time by prioritizing efforts on the most important issues

View Case Study

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