FOR High Volume, High Complexity Products

Leave build delays behind

Instrumental provides all the tools you need to quickly discover, analyze, and resolve defects during dev programs so schedule slips become a thing of the past. Unify defect detection, failure analysis, remote build monitoring, and ongoing reporting in a single secure platform.


Pinpoint root cause in minutes

Instrumental automatically finds correlations between functional test results and visual anomalies, so getting to root cause takes minutes, not weeks.

Make decisions faster with real-time data and insights

Connect with your factory floor in real-time, from wherever you are. Eliminate last-minute travel, painful multi-day miscommunications, and long nighttime meetings from your NPI programs.

Experience simple setup built to solve problems, not create them

We know you don’t have the bandwidth for complex implementations. That’s why installation takes less than 30 minutes, and time savings start on Day 1.

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Add engineering capacity without hiring

Reclaim your most valuable resource: engineering time

Engineering time is your most valuable resource, yet leaders say that most teams waste over 70% of their engineering hours on tasks other than engineering:

  • Finding issues with incoherent (or absent) data
  • Gathering and cleaning data
  • Communicating between CMs, JDMs, internal teams, and execs
  • Travel or waiting for parts to ship

Instrumental’s platform is designed to reclaim engineering capacity by automating issue discovery, time-intensive correlational analysis, eliminating experiments, and automating communication tasks.

Earlier issue discovery

Find and track every issue as soon as it happens

Instrumental starts with complete digital threads of every unit – not just a subset. Drop-in collection points take high-resolution photography of every unit at key assembly steps along your line. Discover AI analyzes them in real-time and alerts you as soon as anomalies appear, even before final assembly or functional tests.

Get a complete, transparent picture of what’s happening on your line from anywhere in the world, so you don’t have to rely on others or wait weeks for sample shipments to start further investigation.

  • Automate defect discovery in under 30 units
  • Real-time alerts independent from your CM
  • Find issues at the source instead of post-snap
Faster failure analysis

Automate defect forensics so engineers can spend more time engineering

Instrumental lets product engineers travel back in time to the root of the problem by surfacing a complete historical record of each unit. Instead of relying on hearsay, destructive teardowns, or running time-consuming tests, Instrumental eliminates days or weeks of forensic work by pinpointing the source of defects immediately.

Instrumental can even pull data from upstream supplier factories, OQC/IQC processes, FATP, and downstream return/RMA centers so engineers always know exactly when and where in the supply chain an issue first appeared.

Streamlined communication

Better real-time communication with CMs, JDMs, and your distributed design team

Eliminate distrust and miscommunication in your supply chain by centralizing build and issue resolution in a single, secure collaboration platform. When teams start with the objective truth, they can stop fingerpointing and start problem-solving faster.

De-risk ramp and MP

Stop escapes that cause bad reviews and hurt brand loyalty

Instrumental automatically builds a library of every defect identified during development. With one click, you can turn on production-grade monitoring that instantly alerts you if issues recur or new issues arise.

Supply chains involve dozens of companies each independently changing inputs to your processes. Instrumental gives production teams superpowers to find new problems before they become customer pain.

We help our customers discover and find root cause for defects with:

Glues & screws

Cameras & sensors


Networking & WiFi

Weatherproofing & coating

Cosmetic gaps & damage

Programs that used Instrumental ramped faster.

Lyon wang

Director of NPI, Motorola

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