Build Better 2020: Manufacturing optimization strategies

Leslie Williams

Build Better, the industry’s Manufacturing Optimization event hosted by Instrumental, exists to bring together leaders who want to leave behind the buzzwords and optimize manufacturing to improve products, processes, and bottom lines. We had a great turnout for Build Better 2020 and, as requested, the content is now available to everyone – let’s build better!

Manufacturing waste and the need for optimization systems
This is the opening talk given by Instrumental CEO, Anna-Katrina Shedletsky. Anna sheds light on core manufacturing inefficiencies and the need for a new category of product: Manufacturing Optimization Systems.

Manufacturing: Problems that scale
This presentation was made by Mikael Lindgren from Bain & Company. Mikael shared aggregated data that not only shows the scale of the inefficiencies in manufacturing (up to 40% of every dollar spent!), but also highlights the available opportunity for optimization.

Production nightmares: Dark yield, down time, and bad reviews
Andre Neumann-Loreck from On Tap Consulting discusses manufacturing constraints in production, the reality of running operations at scale, and the rising operational concerns that should be top of mind. He includes some great battle stories too.

Contract Structures: Misaligned incentives between you and CMs
Milo Werner (former NPI lead at Tesla and Fitbit) and Ron Keith (Founder of Supply Chain Resources Group) share which terms in your contract manufacturing commercial agreements can actually disincentivize improving yields and saving money.

Design for Optimization: Building Valve’s fully automated line
Marco Micheletti from Pike Product Services shares strategies for designing for optimization from the beginning, building flexibility into processes, and extracting data with the Valve controller as an example.

The reduction of wasted time in the supply chain at John Deere
Paul Ericksen, an IndustryWeek Supply Chain advisor, discusses how John Deere reduced lead time reduction and how that improved a bunch of other key metrics for cost and quality.

Closing the loop: Optimization at Motorola, NPI and Production
Instrumental CEO Anna-Katrina Shedletsky shares how Instrumental partnered with Motorola to increase speed, reduce costs, and improve yield across their line of mobile phones. She also launches Instrumental MP, a new product designed to enable manufacturing teams to maintain control in production.


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