Manufacturing Optimization Leader Closes Out Record Quarter, Expands Leadership Team to Drive Go-to-Market

First published on PRWeb on August 20, 2020.

PALO ALTO, CA – August 20, 2020 – Instrumental Inc., leader in manufacturing intelligence and issue discovery, today announced that its second quarter, which ended June 30 2020, was the largest in company history. As electronics brands navigate the challenges of manufacturing in an unprecedented international environment, forward-looking brands are leveraging Instrumental not only to find and resolve design and process issues faster, but to expedite remote work in an industry that was highly dependent on in-person investigation and travel before 2020.

“COVID-19 and ongoing international disruption has forced brands that manufacture products – particularly in consumer electronics – to rapidly accelerate digital transformation. We are uniquely positioned to help brands thrive in 2020, enabling their manufacturing to be more agile, profitable, and resilient,” said Anna-Katrina Shedletsky, founder and CEO of Instrumental Inc. “Our mission is to enable development and manufacturing teams to build better products – so it’s been an honor to deliver a core technological advantage to our customers during a time of evolution in the industry.”

2020 has delivered unprecedented disruption to the electronics manufacturing industry, which formerly relied heavily on sending engineers into factories and has been slow to adopt cloud or smart technologies.

“Instrumental Inc.’s record Q2, in the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic, demonstrates that the industry is making a breakthrough in its ability to employ technology to increase resilience not just today, but in the next normal,” said Shedletsky.

Instrumental Inc. welcomes Andy Leventhal as Chief Revenue Officer and Janet Polyakov as Vice President of Marketing

In the wake of a record quarter, Instrumental Inc. is also welcoming Andy Leventhal as Chief Revenue Officer and Janet Polyakov as Vice President of Marketing. This extends Instrumental’s management team with additional expertise building world-class companies that combine innovative hardware and software approaches to industry challenges.

As an accomplished revenue leader, Andy brings over 30 years of experience in high-growth SaaS category creation, with a proven track record of leading high-performing, international sales and success teams in early markets including data storage, security, open source, solar, and 3D media. He comes to Instrumental Inc. most recently from Matterport, where he led international sales and business development to establish them as a category leader. He has previously led teams at Sunrun, Imperva, and Red Hat.

“Manufacturing is half of the Global World Product today, yet 20% of every dollar spent in manufacturing is wasted. The number of complex electronics products has exploded to 30,000 and counting, creating massive opportunity for companies that can deliver new ways to launch products faster and more profitably,” said Leventhal. “Instrumental is just scratching the surface of how better, more connected data can improve and accelerate outcomes in discrete manufacturing.”

Also joining the Instrumental leadership team as Vice President of Marketing is Janet Polyakov, adding a decade of experience building categories around innovative hardware, computer vision, and data platform technologies. Janet comes to Instrumental Inc. most recently from Terminus, where she led product and growth marketing for the leading customer-rated account based marketing platform.

Instrumental’s sales, success, and marketing teams are growing quickly. See open roles here.

About Instrumental Inc.

Instrumental’s Manufacturing Optimization Platform accelerates time-to-market, improves yields, eliminates rework, and saves engineering time for hardware companies including Motorola Mobility, Meraki, Axon, P2i, and others.

Instrumental’s cloud-based software proactively identifies issues in real-time as they appear on the assembly line, and provides engineers and manufacturing teams with the complete data record they need to quickly discover new issues, complete failure analysis, communicate concisely with the factory team, and make process improvements in production. Instrumental’s proprietary AI closes the loop from issue discovery to failure analysis, root cause, and corrective action, enabling optimization from anywhere.

Instrumental was founded in 2015 by ex-Apple product engineers Anna-Katrina Shedletsky and Samuel Weiss.

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