With demand quintupling in 2021 as hardware brands prioritize agility, Instrumental Inc. adds leadership to fuel product and customer success


Kevin Chen joins as VP of Product; Kevin Mahony joins as VP of Operations & Supply Chain; Steve Horvath joins as VP of Customer Success. These leaders support an ambitious product roadmap and rapidly growing customer base of Fortune 1000 brands.


Through the tariffs of 2019 and travel restrictions of 2020, many manufacturers and consumer electronics brands held their breath that 2021 would bring a return to normalcy and predictability. They were reluctant to make permanent changes to their longstanding just-in-time processes, hoping that soon the world would be “back to normal.”

2021 has continued the trend of global supply chain and process disruption, finally driving many leading consumer electronics companies to action to modernize their processes with a focus on agility and real-time responsiveness to change. Instrumental Inc. has seen demand for its cloud-based issue discovery, failure analysis and production line monitoring software increase by 490% in Q2 of 2021 compared to the previous year, signalling that leaders are ready to make the move toward using technology to speed decision making, shorten development cycles, and enable them to make real-time decisions when the unexpected happens.

“Instrumental’s growth has always been driven by relentless focus on successful customer outcomes,” said Anna-Katrina Shedletsky, Instrumental CEO and Co-Founder. “Kevin Chen, Steve Horvath, and Kevin Mahony bring experience from leading manufacturing organizations to accelerate our vision of eliminating trillions of dollars of waste in manufacturing.”

Kevin Chen brings over 20 years of product design engineering and product management experience to lead ambitious roadmap as Vice President of Products

“In the past decade, electronics manufacturing has been disrupted by global instability, demand volatility, and increased competition,” said Kevin Chen, VP of Product at Instrumental. “The electronics brands who lead tomorrow will do so by successfully baking data and AI into their processes to deliver more ambitious products faster, and maintain stability in production despite constant market changes. Instrumental’s end-to-end optimization platform is built on top of proprietary, best-in-class AI and data intelligence technology. We’ve built the perfect tool to accelerate the development and manufacturing of great products.”

Kevin has spent over twenty years in electronics engineering and manufacturing, including leading product design and development at Compaq, Dell, Intel, and Xperi. He most recently served as Head of Products at edge vision and AI company Senscape.

In his career he has focused on bringing highly disruptive hardware and software products to market.

To support Instrumental’s growing list of Fortune 1000 customers, Steve Horvath joins as VP of Customer Success

Instrumental has always defined its success by the success of its customers, with a relentless focus on enabling product engineering teams to launch faster with dramatically reduced waste and cost. Unlike traditional vendors in the space, Instrumental has adopted a model of deep collaboration with customers throughout their builds, deploying experts in product design, defect discovery, and root cause analysis to work alongside customer teams to drive value.

Steve Horvath joins the leadership team as VP of Customer Success to further extend Instrumental’s customer success and professional services functions.

“I am honored to join such a customer-oriented team,” said Horvath. “Especially given the disrupted manufacturing environment, Instrumental has already become a critical strategic partner for many of its customers. Our goal as a Customer Success organization is not only to help our customers be successful in running their production lines and launching products, but to also be leaders in their industries. I am excited to extend the partnerships we have built to additional expertise and services designed to further drive outcomes like cost and risk reduction, and on-time product launches.”

Kevin Mahony joins as VP Operations & Supply Chain to expand world class implementation and reliability throughout APAC and beyond

Instrumental is also pleased to welcome Kevin Mahony, who joins as VP of Operations and Supply Chain based in Shenzhen.

“We understand how critical it is to be on-the-ground where many of our customers build,” said Mahony. “Instrumental is uniquely positioned to improve collaboration between electronics brands, suppliers, and contract manufacturing partners. Our data tools empower historically misaligned teams from brands, suppliers, and contract manufacturers, to actually work collaboratively and quickly toward resolving complex problems. Our team is focused on seamless delivery and working across those parties to support world-class partnerships across these teams.”

In addition to extending Instrumental’s on-the-ground presence in APAC, where many of its customers build, Mahony will leverage decades of experience leading operations for contract manufacturers as well as brands to deepen Instrumental’s partnership with leading CMs in APAC and around the globe.

Instrumental is hiring aggressively across all teams. View open roles at Instrumental.com/careers.

About Instrumental
Instrumental is the first manufacturing optimization platform to bring all of your product data together in a single, traceable, remote record to accelerate new product introduction and improve yields and cost in production. With Instrumental, you can automate issue discovery with AI, provide a unified platform for fast failure analysis, expedite time to issue resolution, and deliver full build and issue analytics to team leads and leadership. Our AI requires only 30 golden units to begin capturing both new and known issues which your team can analyze from anywhere on the globe.

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