Case Study: August Home locks down quality with Instrumental

Anna-Katrina Shedletsky

As August was gearing up to have its first development builds for a new product, the August Smart Lock, the engineering team’s biggest concerns were about the drivetrain. Each unit has seven gears that need to align and to have the right amount of grease in the right locations – exactly the kind of assembly process that is difficult to control over time. The biggest worry was that any gear issues that did occur would be dark yield: they might be missed by functional tests on the assembly line and could cause units to fail after making it to customers. The August team wanted complete traceability of the drivetrain at various stages of assembly so they could tune and evaluate their process control, as well as correlate any gear train performance issues with the gear assembly.

Read the latest case study of how Instrumental Dev helped the August team move smoothly through each development build of the Smart Lock. Because they caught critical issues early in development, they were able to validate design and process fixes quickly and transition the new lock into mass production easily, without sacrificing quality or schedule.

Read the full case study.

Want to see how Instrumental can help you find and fix dark yield issues in development? We’d love to hear about your challenges and show you a demo, please do get in touch.

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