Case Study: Motorola Accelerates Product Maturity During Development

Anna-Katrina Shedletsky

Motorola Mobility has been on the front line of innovation in the new product development process for decades. Every heard of Six Sigma? That was invented at Motorola. Designing and manufacturing multiple new phones every year on short timelines has necessitated a new round of innovation. With a focus on accelerating and reducing unnecessary inefficiencies in their development process, Motorola has partnered closely with Instrumental to become more competitive while continuing to deliver high quality products to their customers.

How have we become instrumental to Motorola’s development process? Motorola’s engineers and leaders say it best:

Motorola’s NPI team has adopted Instrumental technology as a part of their development process across their entire line of mobile phones. Instrumental is excited to continue collaborating closely with Motorola to enable them to build smarter and better – and would love to do the same for your team.

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