Change Notice: The future of hardware integrity in automotive fleets, from manufacturing to end of life


This week’s Change Notice features Maik Duwensee, the Head of Hardware Integrity from Cruise, who has pioneered continuous improvement efforts at huge organizations including Tesla, Uber, Apple, and more and is eager to share his learnings with the Change Notice community.

Maik and Anna will be discussing the future of hardware integrity in automotive fleets, a concept which encompasses hardware testing, reliability, and data analysis, to ensure any and every issue that may impact a single vehicle within a fleet is both solved and traceable at every touchpoint before a fleet sees the world.

Maik is renowned for his strategic mindset, and is adept at guiding design decisions, impacting specification requirements, collaborating on material / process development, and defining and sustaining QA processes & controls.

Join us to get all your questions about automotive fleet manufacturing and maintenance live.

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