How data technology and AI will converge in manufacturing

Anna-Katrina Shedletsky

Instrumental CEO Anna-Katrina Shedletsky recently spoke at the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the Chinese Institute of Engineers, a highly technical and active organization with roots tracing back to 1917. Anna was invited to share her unique expertise and perspective on the development — and future — of manufacturing technology. Anna provided a comprehensive overview of the evolution of data technology and AI in manufacturing:

Video synopsis:

Manufacturing is undergoing a quiet revolution. Humans have been difficult to compete with so far because they have excellent vision and manipulator systems (eyes and hands) that can be endlessly re-trained, but data output options are really slow: handwriting, typing, or speaking. Machines on the other hand, are getting better at both vision and manipulation, but the key advancement is that they can communicate at the speed of light.

Manufacturing Intelligence is an inevitable evolution of the automation and analytics trends in the space today. Making just one unit that is high-quality is hard; designing a process that can make thousands or millions, over and over again, is even harder. This field is still nascent, with the first of these machine-learning algorithms just starting to hit the marketplace.

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