Streamline Failure Analysis for Manufacturing with AI-Powered Measurements

Reilly Hayes

MARCH 2023

As a manufacturing engineer, I understand the crucial role that measurements play in failure analysis. However, obtaining accurate measurements can be a challenging and time-consuming task. Without precise data, identifying the root cause of a problem and implementing an effective solution can be impossible. Communicating with a factory to get measurements on failing parts can be slow and tedious, complicated by time zones and language barriers. This is where Instrumental’s new Measurements feature comes into play, revolutionizing the way engineers obtain measurements to support their failure analysis.

With Instrumental’s AI, you can now retroactively measure any dimension without hassle. The process is straightforward, requiring less than 10 minutes to train the AI using only 30 samples. Once trained, the AI can measure hundreds or even thousands of samples in minutes, making the process fast and efficient.

These measurements can supercharge your failure analysis in New Product Introduction and Mass Production. Use measurements with Instrumental Metrics to discover and investigate populations of outliers or with Instrumental Correlations to automatically rank potential root causes between your measurements and other failure modes. Proactively spot drifts and shifts using built in Statistical Process Control (SPC) on measurement values. Exporting measurements as a CSV file also allows you to combine them with other tools and external analysis.

This game-changing technology streamlines the failure analysis process, allowing engineers to identify the root cause of a problem with greater ease and accuracy. With the new Measurements feature from Instrumental, engineers can quickly and easily implement data-backed solutions.

Check out this quick demo of the technology at work on a real use case in the video below.



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