Top 10 Production Defects

Anna-Katrina Shedletsky

Instrumental works with top electronics brands to optimize manufacturing processes and to reach new heights in product quality – a crucial investment required for the current competitive landscape and the increasing impact of consumer reviews on product sales. By aggregating image data and processing it with AI, we help our customers identify defects that would otherwise go undetected until later in the process, if at all. From accelerating failure analysis so engineers can achieve smoother ramps, to catching shift in production so operations can intercept defects upstream, Instrumental optimizes existing workflows and delivers ROI in the form of core metric improvements: scrap, throughput, yield, customer delight, and more. This unique service enables Instrumental to aggregate data around defect types and rates from many production environments – information that frequently goes unmeasured, under reported, and unshared.

In order to shed light on dark yield and further our mission of manufacturing optimization, Instrumental is releasing this never-before-seen data on top defect types and defect rates from real production environments. It is our hope that engineering, operations, and quality leaders will use this data to inform internal goals, prioritize technology investments, and improve products and processes. Download our guide on the top 10 defects in production environments.


Download our Top 10 Defects Guide

This data is actual, aggregated production defect rate data from six consumer electronics products being built at four top tier factories (Flex, Foxconn, Pegatron, and one other) during 2020.

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