Case Study: Light Focuses on the Details with Instrumental

Anna-Katrina Shedletsky

“During the development and production of its L16 camera, Light, a company building compact computational photography systems that rival large DSLR’s, leveraged Instrumental’s technology to closely monitor their complex product and ensure stringent quality. When a factory location change was needed halfway through a build, Light used their Instrumental System to prevent losing development progress.”

Read the full case study here.

“Having Instrumental’s eyes on the line to monitor every L16 being made, as well as that historical record of the inside of every single unit, is a big thing. Working with Instrumental really gives us that extra confidence that we are delivering the best product and customer experience possible here at Light.” — BRIAN GILBERT, SENIOR DIRECTOR OF HARDWARE ENGINEERING, LIGHT

An exploded view of the L16’s components. Photo Credit: Light.
Simon (left) plans ahead in a game of Blokus

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