NPI failure analysis from anywhere: HQ, home, or the factory

Leslie Williams

For hardware engineers, remote work that would actually be productive seems impossible. How do you overcome the need to hunt for issues on the line, to physically teardown and analyze units, to quickly communicate with the factory, and to validate action? As a result, engineers take millions of trips from their offices to factories around the world each year, because it’s been the most efficient way to get this vital work done. But with the growing trend of greater supply chain diversification, engineers have to be more places at once than ever before. Remote work isn’t a luxury, it’s a real need.

Instrumental enables remote work for engineers in NPI by collecting, intelligently transforming, and contextually presenting product data from throughout the supply chain. Instrumental customers collect images at key assembly states with Instrumental drop-in stations or your own cameras, leverage AI to transform images into defects and trends, and see the real-time data in context. Instrumental customers have been able to reduce NPI factory trips by 50 to 80%.

Recently, global travel has been severely restricted, and might be for months. Instrumental customers who were in the middle of NPI when travel restrictions for the novel coronavirus went into effect have been able to continue their NPI process, including the rapid identification and fixing of issues, without leaving their offices, or in some cases, even their homes. New customers have been able to leverage Instrumental’s globally distributed team to support bringup of additional inspection in places they didn’t have it before. With the unpredictability of what will happen next in the supply chain and the increasing need to support globally distributed teams, Instrumental powers more than manufacturing optimization – it promises a new way to work during development and production.

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