Stop wasting 99% of your hardware investment with Images Streams


Are you using an existing AOI, lab vision system, or other visual inspection tools to track a specific issue during mass production? Is your team using the visual data for anything other than the handful of microns the vision system has been trained to look for?  Would you buy a Tesla only for the dashboard clock? 

Rather than letting these valuable images sit in an unsorted, dusty digital folder – quality, product design, testing, and sustaining engineers can use Instrumental to match this visual history across multiple data sets to proactively discover root cause before a failure event happens. With a simple add-on to your existing equipment, manufacturing teams can recapture the visual data already being collected on your line and apply our patent-pending Discover AI to surface anomalies or potential defects in real-time.  

This means that teams that are normally siloed can now work in lockstep and work from the same source of information. From functional tests all the way to customer returns – you can isolate issues from every part of your supply chain. 

Example Visual Data: 

  • X-ray
  • In-line automated assembly line cameras
  • Infrared
  • Keyence or Cognex AOI
  • Lab vision systems
  • Device calibration
  • Return center information

Worried about installation? Don’t be!

Use Instrumental with your existing hardware, or have a field engineer quickly and easily install a secure add-on to your existing systems. Whether you choose the add-on (which will take a few days) or choose a custom Instrumental station (which will take up to 4 weeks), no additional IT resources will be needed after the initial installation. Our team does 95% of the work and supports you through the final steps to make it simple and easy.

Great for existing automation on your lines

Instrumental’s real-time product data platform brings data together across every product lifecycle stage and any assembly process. Aggregate data from lab processes, manual assembly stations, and robotic lines into a single system for faster communication, AI-powered failure analysis, and simple digital traceability.

To learn how easy it is to get started with Instrumental or to begin applying our AI to your existing visual data, contact us at today.