♫ ‘Twas the night before ramp ♫

Samuel Weiss

‘Twas the night before ramp,

The team scurried about,
They had units to build,
As preorders sold out!
But a ramp-blocking issue,
It’s like déjà vu,
A flaw that escaped
Both DVT1 and DVT2
Caused an audible gasp
From the factory floor;
An engineer shouts,
“No one noticed this before!?”

Fast forward one year,
The next program comes ‘round,
Some issues per usual
But never a frown.
Engineering is calm —
Instrumental’s on line!
They found the bugs fast,
They’ll hit Christmas this time.
The lesson is clear,
Instrumental works best
To alleviate all
Of your holiday stress!

Happy holidays from all of us at Instrumental!