Webinar | Analysis of the 2020 Top Ten Production Defects

Analysis of aggregated, anonymized data from over 3M production units

Watch the full COVID-19 video featured image

Watch the full COVID-19 video

Learn about the top COVID-19 challenges the manufacturing industry is tackling and what technologies can help the most.

Over the past weeks the CEO of Instrumental, Anna-Katrina Shedletsky, has been tapped to give three private talks and been quoted in The Economist on the rapid changes in electronics manufacturing and the emerging problems teams like yours are tackling. We hosted a virtual presentation and discussion for our community to:

  • Recap the core challenges the electronics industry is tackling since mid-February
  • Share how companies are solving those challenges in the short term
  • The silver lining of COVID-19: what happens next in terms of innovation

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Instrumental captures images on the assembly line and leverages AI to detect defects and enable manufacturing optimization from anywhere.

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