[Webinar] Manufacturing From Home

Learn how three electronics companies leverage Instrumental to thrive while manufacturing remotely.

Watch the full Manufacturing From Home video featured image

Watch the full Manufacturing From Home video

Learn how three electronics companies use Instrumental during development, ramp, and production to manufacture remotely.

Discovering and solving issues quickly during NPI was a challenge before COVID. But now, with factory visits paused indefinitely, every product engineering and manufacturing team must develop a fully remote NPI process to get their products on the shelves this fall and beyond.

During this webinar recording the Instrumental Founder and CEO, Anna-Katrina Shedletsky, shares how leading hardware teams are leveraging Instrumental to meet the challenges of the last three months to keep their products on track and on shelves.

Topics covered:

  • How COVID-19 has changed consumer electronics manufacturing
  • NPI Case Study: Discovering and correcting 5 production issues during COVID
  • Ramp Case Study: Avoiding ramp delay with remote monitoring and solutioning
  • MP Case Study: Saving $0.96/unit through process improvements enabled by real-time defect identification and live quality alerts

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Instrumental captures images on the assembly line and leverages AI to detect defects and enable manufacturing optimization from anywhere.

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