[Webinar] The State Of New Product Introductions

Learn how NPI leaders are overcoming major obstacles in order to hit their ship dates with less firefighting. Watch our on-demand webinar today.

State of NPI | Recorded Webinar featured image

State of NPI | Recorded Webinar

Hear the common challenges NPI teams are facing and how they are adjusting their strategies to hit their ship dates.

Consumer electronics NPI is an accelerating practice driven by market demand, compressed timelines, and dramatically increasing engineering complexity. Leaders are responsible for hitting timelines at cost, but are concerned that continued disruption to decades-old processes is a major threat to their ability to meet or exceed goals going forward. In fact, many engineers entering management today have never known builds that weren’t plagued by constant delays and fire-fighting, and consequently don’t have a complete understanding of how things are changing.

This survey revealed a broad concern that engineers and their supporting teams may not be able to keep pace with the innovation speed that the market demands. Even so, leaders know that in many cases their companies are lagging in their ability to employ new tools to improve the efficiency of core issue discovery, investigation, and resolution processes during NPI.

Topics covered:

  • Challenges and opportunities to NPIs across the supply chain
  • Strategies for expanding engineering bandwidth
  • Trends in automation technologies
  • What other electronics brands are doing to thrive in 2021

Watch our on-demand webinar to see the results and hear firsthand from Instrumental engineers on what teams are doing to adjust their strategies in 2021.

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