Engineering Report: 2020 Top 10 Defect Types in Production



Anonymized, aggregated data from Pegatron, Flex, Quanta, Foxconn, and more across a variety of consumer products.

Why You Should Read This Guide

This engineering report contains the collective wisdom of a career’s worth of programs – consolidated into a clear and actionable list that can inform your production decisions for years to come. Think of this top 10 list as a way to learn more than 10x faster from the collective mistakes (and solutions) of your manufacturing peers in a single sitting. The ultimate collaboration.

As you look through these defects – think back to the programs you’ve done over the last couple of years. Were you able to catch these issues in those programs? Were there field issues that might have been caused by these misses? How much rework did you have to conduct before solving your problems?

If you don’t have a good answer – download this report for some key insights and tips on avoiding problems on your line in 2021.

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Instrumental captures images on the assembly line and leverages AI to detect defects and enable manufacturing optimization from anywhere.

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